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Danger in the Darkest Hour

No description

Jenny Jones

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Danger in the Darkest Hour

This book is fantasy and adventure. I know this is fantasy because their is time travel and a magical tree house.
Main Characters
Jack: Jack is a teenage boy. He is very smart and mature. He doesn't have much humor. He is very nice. He has brown hair and wears glasses. Also he is very brave.
This book is about Annie and Jack. They are brother and sister. By a magic tree house they time traveled to England in 1944 during WWII. They have a mission to find a girl named Kathleen who has been captured in France. Later in the book they find themselves parachuting behind enemy lines in Normandy, France. Will they be able to find Kathleen before it's too late. Read to find out.
I think theme of this book is too never give up. I think this is the theme because even when Jack and Annie almost got captured they never gave up.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes history or action books because there is lots of action and it gives you information about WWII. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
Company: Random House
Year: 2015
The setting of this book is England in 1944. At this point of time many things in England were destroyed due to WWII.
Danger in the Darkest Hour
By Mary Pope Osborne
Prezi by Luke Huckaby

Publication Info
Annie: Annie is Jack's sister. She is a teenager too. She has red hair. She is very funny and sometimes not so smart. Also Annie is very brave.
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