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Meet Your School Counselor: Miss Cotone

EDC 522: Introduction Activity

Krysten Cotone

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Meet Your School Counselor: Miss Cotone

Meet Your School Counselor
A Step in the Right Direction...
Meet Your School Counselor!
Miss Cotone
Together we can discuss...
Social & Personal Issues
Future Career Guidance
Counselor??...Sounds fancy.
How can Miss Cotone help me??
Social & Personal Counseling:

Family stress

Friendship issues

Conflict resolution

Loss of a loved one


Just to name a few...
Career Counseling:
So...Miss Cotone's here to guide me...I get that!
How can I talk to her??

You make an appointment.

Fill out a "Calling On Miss Cotone" form:

1. Name
2. Date
3. Homeroom
4. Brief Description of your problem (1-2 sentences!)
5. Color Code
green=see me soon
yellow=see me this week
red=urgent! see me as soon as possible

Drop it in the mailbox on my door.

Other times you may
see Miss Cotone...

Parent referral
Teacher referral
Friend referral
Clubs and Groups
Join one TODAY!
Conflict Resolution
Study Skills
Friendship Club:
This group will help
you make friends and
be a better friend.
Is there a group
that you would like
to see? Stop in and let
Miss Cotone know!
Help you plan out your schedule

Answer questions or take an assessment that may help you begin to think about your future career

Goal setting

Leadership Club:
This group will participate in service projects, character development, and develop leadership skills.
Miss Cotone's Everyday Heros...
Who are YOURS??
Mom & Dad
Brother & Sister
Academic Counseling:

Study skills & tips

Test taking strategies

Learning style inventories

Setting goals
Conflict Resolution Group:
This group will help
you deal with conflict
in a safe, appropriate
Study Skills Group:
This group will help
you develop positive
study habits and test
taking skills that will show success in your
Grief Group:
This group is for students who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
Fun Facts!

I LOVE to dance

I am from Cleveland and loves the Indians

I am the oldest child

I am TERRIFIED of bugs!

I LOVE middle school!

Will she tell other people what I share?
All conversations are CONFIDENTIAL,
meaning whatever is
said in Miss Cotone's
office, stays in her office.

1. Someone is hurting you
2. You're hurting someone else
3. You're hurting yourself

Miss Cotone is here to help YOU take a step in the right direction.
Begin your journey TODAY!
Fiance, Brad
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