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Introduction to Cross Cutting

No description

Sarah Kent

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Cross Cutting

Introduction to Cross Cutting Examples of Cross Cutting in Film Examples of Cross Cutting in Film What is Cross Cutting? An EDITING technique, not a filming technique.
Where the camera cuts away from one line of action to another line of action.
Often used in chase scenes, where the action moves from the person running to the person chasing, and back again. Aims of the lesson: To understand what cross cutting is.
To understand why cross cutting is used in film.
To begin to think of ideas for initial filming. Why do you think cross cutting is used in film?
What effect do you think it creates?
Discuss this in pairs - you have 3 minutes! Your task: Get yourself into groups of no more than 4.
Produce a film scene which demonstrates your understanding of how cross cutting is used to create tension based on the following scenario: Scenarios: 1st line of action: Our hero is on the run. He/she sneaks into an office and tries to find important files which may clear their name. It is vital they are not caught.

2nd Line of action: A security guard/hitman/detective has been tipped off that our hero has broken into the building and is searching rooms. Today: Take one of the stills camera's provided and visit locations around the school that you could use in your film.
Take some pictures suitable for use in a storyboard. Cross cutting in Hitchcock's 'The Birds.' Why cross cutting is used: To create tension in a story line.
To slow down a moment of time in the film. E.g. character in a building, cuts to people trapped inside.
Building to a climax in a scene - the meeting of two characters perhaps.
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