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Arts Week

TIME TRAVEL to explore different eras of MUSIC and POP CULTURE!

Karolyn O

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Arts Week

Should we get transported to one or many
different decades?
Let's explore... Welcome to TIME TRAVEL Welcome to the 1950s 1950s musical influences... The groovy 1960s Funky Disco 70s Notable bands include 70s rockers 1980s... or simply, the decade I was born :) Hippies The Beatles,
Ben E. King and
The Beach Boys Saturday Night
Fever Disco, Grease
to classic rock! Fleetwood Mac
and Heart had
female leads I could go on for days about 80s tv shows,
fashion, technology... but here's a few to get the
feel Such as Chuck Berry
and Elvis Presley! Songs like Rick Sprinfield's
Jessie's Girl and Aha!
Take On 1980s - often characterized by
electronic music, however not all were Doc Marten's were the boot to wear,
and everyone had pogs and furbies! 1990s - grade 8s caught a
glimpse of this decade Ok... So, we've looked
at those songs 90s music was had a lot of diverse
influences from rap to grunge. Some of the biggest songs and artists of
the decade include: Oasis, Nirvana,
Blind Melon, and The Verve
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