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2nd Grade Parent Orientation

No description

Ashley Sanchez

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of 2nd Grade Parent Orientation

Disclaimer: All of our schedules are very similar. Please note the start time of lunch, library time and computer lab time which is different for each class.

Lunch times:
Kruger: 11:15-11:45
Sanchez 11:18-11:48
Coplin 11:21-11:51

Report Cards
Your child’s progress is measured by individual performance based on the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).

4 Exhibits understanding beyond grade level expectation
3 Exhibits mastery of skill/concept
2 Exhibits skill/concept with minimal guidance
1 Exhibits skill/concept with direct guidance
Classroom Management
"Normal" day in 2nd grade
How does PBIS look in our rooms?
This year in 2nd grade we are using a Clip Chart
to monitor each student's behavior. Students are able
to move up when consistently making good choices and working
hard to follow the classroom rules. When they aren't making
good choices they will move their clip down.Students have the opportunity to improve their behavior and move up a level.
Each day students will mark on their calendar what level they are on by putting the first letter of the color:

Super Day-P

Great Day-B

Ready to Learn- G

Think About It-Y (reminder and time to think about making better choices)

Teacher's Choice- O (reflection sheet and time off recess or sitting out of an activity)

Parent Contact- R (teacher will contact parent, reflection sheet)

This is so we can communicate with you what level they are on each day. Each day they start on Ready To Learn.

Each class has their own classroom procedures and expectations. We introduced class agreements
1. Mutual Respect (treat others the way you want to be treated.)
2. Attentive Listening (Listening with our eyes, ears, heart and brain.)
3. No Put Downs/ Show Appreciations (using nice words and actions with everyone)
4. Right to pass
5. Personal Best (always giving 100%) Please continue to talk to your child about these agreements and making good choices each day!

Our Classroom Rules are:
-Make smart choices
-Follow directions quickly
-Raise your hand to talk
-Use inside voices
-Use helpful hands and words

Each class has a reward system that ties in to our clip chart.
aka PBIS
Our 3 B's
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Every day your child will come home with a blue folder. It is for homework and important papers from school. Please go through this folder NIGHTLY with your child. The green communication sheet explains, homework and has important notes/dates.
*Attendance is taken at 9:00.
-Try to make Dr. appt. after 9.

*Students must be in the room by 7:45 or they will be considered tardy.

*If they come in after 7:45, they must go to the office for a tardy slip.
-The front doors open at 7:30.
-They open at 7:15 for students getting breakfast

*If your child is absent, please send a note in their blue folder the next day explaining their absence.
Book Orders
We will try and send home Scholastic book orders at least twice a semester. Please make checks payable to Scholastic. We each have Scholastic Online where you can order online using a credit card (it helps our class also earn a lot of rewards to use towards new books!) Check our website for details on how to order online.

2nd grade
We have 3 parties throughout the
year: Winter holiday party, Valentine's Day party, and an end of year party. Information for these will come home in the blue communication folder throughout the year.
The Scoop on
Team Website
and Weekly Wave
We have a team website that has 2nd grade information and links that students can get on to practice reading and math skills at home. We will also email a "Weekly Wave" every Monday with important information for the upcoming week.

All visitors/volunteers
check in at the office and get a badge before
visiting anywhere in the building!!!

Rainy Day Plan
Please have a backup plan in place if
your child is a walker or biker. Make sure
they know what the plan is ahead of time :)

Invitations can be distributed
at school if EVERYONE in the class
receives one. If you would like to send treats to school for your child's birthday, please notify the teacher ahead of time. Treats will be passed out at the end of the day. The treats must be store bought. Some good examples are doughnuts, cookies or even fun pencils!
Any Questions???
7:30-7:45 Morning Work (tardy at 7:45)
7:45-7:55 Announcements, Lunch Ct.,
8:00-9:00 Reader’s Workshop (Daily 5) READ NIGHTLY FOR 20 MINUTES!
9:00-9:20 Writing Workshop
9:20-10:00- SI Time
( Supplemental Instruction aka Interventions)
10:00-10:35 Writing Workshop
10:35-10:50- Math
10:50-11:15 Recess
11:15-11:45 Lunch (come join your child!)
12:00-12:50 Specials (Art, Music, or PE)
12:50-1:50 Math (problem solving)
1:50-2:40 Science/ Social Studies
2:40-2:45 Pass out papers, notes, folders
2:45 Dismissal (Students sit on porch in assigned areas.)

If you would like to volunteer in
the classroom with students
or go on a field trip, you must fill
out a volunteer application. The volunteer application can be found on the Deep Wood website (it must be renewed every year).
We also have volunteer sign up sheets by our sign in for each class where you walked in. Please sign up on the list for what you would like to volunteer and do this year!
School Motto:

Word Study:
We use a research based program called Words Their Way. It is a spelling, phonics, and vocabulary program based on how students are developing in word study. It teaches students to observe words to discover their patterns and conventions in order to read, write, and spell.
The students will be in word study groups and will be doing different daily word study activities in the classroom and at home to support this program. They will come home with words on Tuesday to cut and sort for their weekly word study homework.
They will
bring this
page home
on Monday
nights. They
will need
to cut them
out and
each night
use them for
word study
of the
activities was
sent home on
the blue
sheet in their
folder. Keep
that sheet in
the folder.
Classroom Messenger

This year we are using a free service, called Class Messenger to help us better communicate with parents. This service will allow us to quickly get information to you and you are able to respond back. You can select if you would like to receive our messages via email or text message. All information is kept private and no one is allowed to view phone numbers. The directions to sign up are on the back of your orientation page. We encourage all families to sign up.

If you have any questions during our
presentation please write them on the sticky
notes on your table and place them on our parking
lot. We will answer all questions at the end. Please
put your name on your sticky note in case we run out of time and we will get back to you!
Specials Info
Students attend specials classes, (P.E., Art, and Music). They attend P.E. every other day. Students need to wear tennis shoes that tie or velcro for P.E or bring a change of shoes. Anything else is not safe to wear and therefore will not be allowed in P.E. class. If your child is wearing shoes other than tennis shoes, then they will have to do an alternate activity that will affect their grade. Your child will also need to dress so that they can move comfortably. For girls that would mean that they wear shorts or pants under any skirts.
On the report card some areas might be grayed out. That means we haven't gotten to that concept yet.

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