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Ariana Grande

No description

Reethika Ramesh

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Ariana Grande

Sit back and enjoy this presentation of
Ariana Grande and her life timeline. We hope you enjoy.

Ariana Grande
She is the daughter of Joan Grande and Edward Butera
Her first song was "Put your hearts up" and it was a solo
She is a solo artist.
In 2008 she took her first step in her career, she played a role in the musical "13"
What made her significant was that she was told that she can't capture her dreams and be famous like her brother that is a performer and a producer and that she should give up but that didn't stop her from chasing her dreams.
She's friends with Justin Beiber and Zayn Malik from One direction
Her Breakthrough
Standing out
Connections & influences.
Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida
She was born on June 26, 1993
She has a brother, Frankie Grande
Her brother is a producer and performer
In 2010 she created an original character of Mariam in a new musical
She also played the role of Cat in the show Victorious that started on March 2010 and ended on February 2013
In 2011 she voiced an role of a fairy called Princess Diaspro
During 2013 Ariana will be playing
a role in a show called
"Sam and Cat"
with Jennette McCurdy from Icarly
Her hair color is red velvet
The type of music she sings is rock, pop and pop rock
As for her side job she is an actress, singer, dancer and a vocal artist
The instrument she plays is the piano
Her breakthrough was from the show Victorious
What made her get recognized/famous was her second song that was a big hit on the radio
The name of that song is "The way" and it was not a solo. It was featuring Mac Miller
Her second song made a big impact on her music career, it was on a lot of radio stations around the world
Shakira and Britney Spears influenced her by their talent of singing
Her favorite fruits are watermelons and strawberries
She is allergic to bananas
Her favorite concert is a Katy Perry concert
She loves sushi
Likes to dress up
Her favorite smells are cotton candy, vanilla and rose
She believes in aliens
She likes to cook salmon and veggies
She is afraid of the dark
She sang the American national anthem when she was 8 during the game of black hawks vs. the panthers
Had brown hair
Her second song made it into the Top Ten Hits
Which fruit is Ariana Grande allergic to?
When was Ariana Grande's first step to her career?
Which concert is Ariana Grande's favorite concert?
What is Ariana Grande's new show called?
Ariana Grande is allergic to bananas.
Ariana Grande's first step to her career was in 2008.
Ariana Grande's favourtie concert is a Katy Perry concert.
Ariana Grande's new chow is "Sam and Cat.
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