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Devil and Tom Walker


kendria langford

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Devil and Tom Walker

Devil and Tom Walker By: Washington Irving This story was influenced by romanticism. In The Devil and Tom Walker, set in New England in the early 1700s,
a narrator relates a story he has heard about a local man's dealings
with the devil. The narrator never claims that the stories are true,
only that they are widely believed. It all started when... It is said that Kidd the Pirate left it there under a gigantic tree and that the devil himself presided at the hiding of the money, and took it under his guardianship. Since the pirate Kidd was hanged, no one has disturbed the treasure or challenged the devil's right to it. Tom Walker takes a short cut
in the woods and stops to rest
against a tree. Tom was'nt scared while walking through the woods. Tom is well known among the townspeople for his pitiful horse, his loud wife, and the couple's miserly habits in which they conspired to cheat each other. While in the woods Tom hears a voice, the
voice comes from a man that's blackened. Tom realizes that it's a ghost. After a short conversation,
Old Scratch, as Tom calls him,
offers Tom the treasure in
exchange for a few conditions and
he declines. Back home, he tells his wife what transpired in the woods, and she is outraged that he passed up the opportunity for them to gain great wealth in exchange for his soul. She takes it upon herself to seek out the devil and strike a bargain on her own. After several trips to the forest, she becomes frustrated by the devil's unwillingness to appear to her. One day, she gathers the couple's few possessions of value in her apron and heads off for the woods. She never returns. Tom wonders to the woods to find out what happened to her and discovers her apron hanging from a tree. It contains her heart and liver. Foot prints and clumps of hair at the base of the tree hint at a fierce struggle. The next time the devil appears to Tom,
he is eager to strike a deal now that he
does not have to share it with his wife. Tom decides that he will become a monleylender. Tom sets up a shop in a counting house
and has great wealth from cheating people out their money. Tom buys a big house. But Tom refuses to furnish the house. When Tom grows old, he
becomes an angry church
goer to cheat the devil from
taking his soul. One day the devil comes and instantly
takes Tom away on a black horse into
the woods, never to be seen again. Soon Tom Walkers house was burning on fire. Deal Tom is all about the money. He was so greedy that he
declines the first time because he would have to share
the fortune with his wife. Since Tom does not have to
share his money with his wife he is tricked by the false
kindness of Old Scratch and blinded by his own greed.
The purpose of the money is to trick Tom into working
for him and eventually the Devil takes his soul. One day a person who had borrowed money from Tom had asked for more time to pay his morgage. Tom says, "The Devil take me if I have made but a farthing!" I do not like the ending because it's not clear.
When Tom gets onto the horse and into the woods, the
author doesn't tell where he went or what happened to
him. If I could change that part I would go into detail as
to why he had gotten taken, where he was going, and what
the Devil was going to do with him. Overall I thought the
story was good and what I liked most was when Tom's wife
went into the woods thinking she was going to strike a deal
with the Devil but ended up striking a fight. ~Looking the Devil Eye to Eye~
Sitting there with the Devil eye to eye
Telling me to make a decision
Whether or not to die, and have my soul taken
Or work for him until whatever rots
Decisions that no man could ever agree upon
Having choices that aren't your best options can kill you unhealthy
Has made me hate the day I ever said it
I regret it
But don't take the same path I took
Don't sell your soul and let someone establish what you are to do
Don't ever let your heart sink and die
Don't ever let the Devil look you in the eye
And don't ever be a fool
Stay true
Be realistic
Take care of yourself
Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life Washington Irvin was the author of both The Devil and Tom Walker and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow who heavily relied on supernatural. There was a fear of the supernatural between the Devil and Tom Walker and Icabod and the Headless Horsemen. Both, The Devil and Tom Walker and The Legend of Hollow, the main
characters fear the supernatural figures. Icabod always looking over his shoulder in fear of the Hessian soldier and he is especially scared at night. In The Devil and Tom Walker, Tom fears the Devil after he makes the deal with him but Tom battles his fear and trys to become a church goer to avoid the Devil. Introduction

By:Kendria Langford The End!
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