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hernando cortez

No description

Hannah Haymond

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of hernando cortez

Hernando Cortez his life conquest he was a soilder and farmer in Spain before his conquest began he was born in Medellin, Spain in 1485 conquering Cuba
he sailed under the command of Diego Valesquez thet set out in 1511 setting up a colony in Mexico mexico was discovered in 1518
valesquez initially
was going to send
but later decided against sending him cortex went anyway and upon arriving he
went to war against the indians and captured many of them continuing the take over of mexico on august 24, 1518 he landed near Vera Cruz he burned the ships to stop anyone from returning to spain upon landing, they
immediately engaged in an all out war with the indians. they later became allies establishing a relationship with Montezoma upon arriving in Tenochtitlan he quickly befriended he empiror there he later learned that a battalion of soilders had been ordered to attack Vera Cruz by Montezoma he ordered Montezoma to surrender the attackers and he had them killed meanwhile Valesquez sent 1400 men to bring Cortez back to Spain cortez defeated them easily he allowed any survivors to join him soon after this battle another war broke out between Cortez's men and the aztecs. when montezoma was brought out to pacify his people and he was stoned. later he died from his wounds the battle seemed hopeless for
Cortex and his men but he and his 3 men were able to capture the aztec chieftain and kill him this caused the aztecs to withdraw in 1521 the new empiror surrendered
thus ending the Aztec empire. cortez then spent the next 8 years establishing peace. in 1528 he returned home and was recieved greatly from Charles V he returned again as a military commander much later and
explored lower California from 1534-1535. he led an expedition against the Mayans in the Yucatan in 1541 and fought against the pirates of aligiers. that was his last act, he died near Seville on Dec. 2 1547 the expedition was succesful
and Cortez drew attention as being one of the most promising soilders
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