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Desk Assistant Training

No description

Jervic Caparas

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Desk Assistant Training

Applying what we
know about learning...
Journaling and Goal Setting at the end of the Desk Procedures Manual

Check-in with Desk Supervisor

Desk Assistant Evaluation
Reflective Journaling after each section of the Desk Procedures Manual

Check-in before and after Fall training

Debrief after Through Open Desks

Actual Fall training process

Journaling after desk shadowing

What do we know
about learning?
Teaching as showing (Zull, 2002)
"We should give the student opportunities to have concrete experiences directly, if possible." (p. 148)
Reflection - Speed and Learning (Zull, 2002)
"Reflection is searching for connections - literally!" (p. 164)
"Even the quickest learner needs time for reflection." (p. 162)
Learning Partnerships Model (Baxter-Magolda, 2004)
Situating learning in learner's own experience
The Learning Cycle (Zull, 2002)
Proposed DA Training Timeline
Late Spring
- Desk Assistant Departmental Welcome and Paperwork Party
Desk Assistant Training
The Learning Cycle
The Learning Cycle
Fall Training
Check-in (10 mins)
Customer Service Presentation by Bridget and Deanna (15 mins)
Role Playing Customer Service and Professionalism (15 mins)
Magical Chairs (15 mins)
Through Open Desks (40 mins)
Debrief (15 mins)
Check-in (10 mins)
Internship Learning Experience
Jervic Caparas
Why Desk Assistant


My experience:
Increased amount of disciplinary letters issued in the first 4-6 weeks of the semester

A lot of questions and clarifications asked by Desk Assistants regarding simple protocols and procedures

Duty calls regarding DAs not knowing how to handle conflict at the desk
Limited Time and Budget
Only 2 hours allotted for Desk Assistant Training
DAs are paid 2 hours for training
Physical Space
Do we train as one big department? Or train per each residence hall?
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
4 Parts:
3 Dimensions:
"Through training, UHDS Desk Assistants will relate protocol outlined in the UHDS Desk Procedures Manual to their day-to-day role as a Desk Assistant as part of each residence hall community."
Current DA
Training Model
What do we/you want
to learn from DA training?
Protocols and procedures
Customer service skills
Conflict management
Critical thinking/problems solving skills
Competence with computer software
More situational learning and applications
2 Hours of Training
Departmental Training (15 mins)
Travel back to each Hall (15 mins)
Customer Service Presentation by Bridget and Deanna (15 mins)
Hall specific training for the rest of the time planned by Desk Grads
2 Desk Shadowing Shifts
New DAs are required to shadow 2 returner DA shifts
Each shift is two hours long
Through training, UHDS Desk Assistants...
Will relate protocol outlined by the UHDS Desk Procedures Manual to their day-to-day role as a Desk Assistant as part of each residence hall community.
Will illustrate and practice customer service skills and professionalism when dealing with residents, students, and staff members.
Will utilize the computer desk software to better serve the students, as each DA see it apply to their role as a Desk Assistant.
Will demonstrate their own conflict management style when working with difficult students at the desk.
Will utilize independent critical thinking skills to respond to problems that arise in the Thompson Hall community.
(Zull, 2002)
Concrete experience
Reading Desk Procedures Manual

Reflective Observation
Reflective Journaling after each section

Abstract Hypothesis
Goal setting and reflection at the end of the Desk Procedures Manual

Active Testing
2-hour Fall Training and Shadowing
So, what's next?
Examine the Desk Assistant contract to reflect the changes that we made for training
Revise the Desk Procedures Manual to add reflection questions at the end of each section and at the end of the manual
Find an online platform where DAs can turn in their reflections
Find ways to alter the process for Institutional Work Program students
- Working individually on Desk Procedures Manual
Beginning of Fall Semester (2 hours)
- Applications of what was learned from Desk Procedures Manual
After Fall training
- Desk Shadowing (2 shifts)
After shadowing
- 1:1 meeting/check-in with Desk Supervisor
Learning Outcomes for Presentation
Why Desk Assistant Training?
Learning Outcomes
What do we know about learning?
Shaping the Environment
Desk Assistant Training Format
What's next?
How does this ILE benefit
the department?
Teaching as showing
Sharing Returner DAs experiences
Desk shadowing
Reflection - Speed and Learning
Having the whole summer to give ample time for reflection
Reflection during training and after training
Situating learning in learner's own experience
Through Open Desks (role-playing)
Desk shadowing
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