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No description

Chris Bosso

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Coffee

Coffeehouse Revolutions
Chris Bosso
Health Benefits
Coffee is said to be effective against sore eyes, headache, coughs, dropsy, gout, and scurvy
It's also made from boiled water so it is
safe from contamination and disease
unlike regular water
It's Non-Alcoholic!
Coffee is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to beer or wine! Instead of getting you drunk, Coffee will wake you up and get you ready for a productive day. You can make your civilization more productive just by drinking a cup of coffee!
It's the Embodiment of Innovation!
Want to catch up on the latest news in London? Then just head on down to one of its hundreds of coffeehouses where you can hear people discussing the latest scientific developments, business news, stock prices, or politics all with a nice, warm cup of coffee.
Coffee and Coffeehouses are a medium through which people can come together to discuss their interests and speculate over new ideas. As a result, Coffeehouses are perfect centers of innovation. Even Newton's Principia, one of the greatest science books ever written, contains ideas that were first thought up in a coffeehouse!
Educational Beverage?
Limitless Energy!!!
Coffee can eliminate drowsiness and give you enough energy to keep you going the whole day
Not only does Coffee fend off sleepiness, it also stimulates the brain to promote intellectual thoughts, discussion, and productivity
News By the Cup
The Freedom of Coffee
In London coffeehouses, people are free to talk about politics unrestrained even if their opinions are unpopular. Some coffeehouses are even the centers of political parties. If you want your opinion to be heard then head to the nearest coffeehouse!
Coffee's innovative tendencies gave rise to numerous revolutions including the Scientific, Financial, and Industrial Revolutions in England. The ability for people to come together and discuss their theories encouraged huge advancements in technology and the diffusion of hundreds of new ideas about everything from philosophy to manufacturing. This spirit of innovation even extended to France where the French Revolution began in a coffeehouse after Camille Desmoulins called the citizens to arms.
Even Isaac Newton, the Father of Modern Science drank coffee! Follow his example and start drinking coffee today!

Credit to Matt Murante for this incredible picture
Coffeehouses are centers of education as well as innovation! Lectures on topics ranging from mathematics to navigation are common in coffeehouses and allow even the average man to experience university education for just the price of a cup of coffee.
A History of the World in 6 Glasses
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