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No description

Rich Dela

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Opium

By Richard DelaBarrera and Lily Ortega

History of Opium
Opium was used as a pain killer in the sixteenth century.
It was sooner or later replaced by Morphine
In 1839 the British sent war ships to the coast of china in response to their attempt to suppress the opium traffic, thus starting the Opium War.
Morphine is the pure form extracted from opium
Morphine was used in the Civil War and many soldiers got addicted
More Opium facts
Opium is a depressant
Made of derived opium poppy plant
There is tolerance to opium which causes people to get addicted
Psychological dependency occurs due to the person wanting to feel that "Good feeling" again
When a person gets addicted the withdrawl effects kick in raising the physical dependency.
Can be smoked, injected and taken in pill form.
How long does it say in the body?
How long do you get high for?
Opium can last as long as up to three months until drug tests cant find traces of it anymore

People can only get the euphoric feeling for at least 45 minutes or less depending on their tolerance level.
Opium Nicknames
The latex
Auntie Emma
Joy Plant
Here is a anti drug video Lily and I found
Brain On Drugs
Please Subscribe to JustViral
He is desperate
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