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Richard Zhong

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

- Evey waits over V's body
- V tells her that his work is “almost finished” (p246 bottom center panel)
- She traces the trial of blood back to the Victoria Station
- Does not understand what V's plan is or if it is finished
- Imagines that she sees Gordon and then her father under the mask, finally realizes that V was educating
her to be his replacement
- Dominic noticing that people are still gathered outside
- Finch decides to get out before things get completely out of control Chapter 9 The Vigil Plot:
- Harper goes to see Helen, but finds himself fighting with Conrad instead
- Conrad is badly hurt, and Helen leaves him to die watching a video that V had left earlier
- While Dominic is standing watch over the crowds of people around Big Ben, he realizes that the chime sounds are coming from the speakers
- Evey makes her first appearance as V, telling the people to reclaim their freedom
- Dominic tries to escape, but is kidnapped by Evey Chapter 10 The Volcano Chapter 11 Valhalla Plot:
- Nov 10, 1998, Evey is carrying out V’s final request for a Viking funeral and she announces the new order of V
- She starts the train and goes to the top of the building to get a good view of the 10 Downing Street’s explosion
- Mr. Finch passes by some angry mobs, sees Helen Heyer who is asking him for his help
- He ignores her and keeps walking down the street End of Presentation
Thank You! :) By Helena Chau & Richard Zhong V for Vendetta
Book 3 Chapter
9-11 Title - p245
- Evey is sitting beside V and guarding his body Characterizations - Before V dies, he tells Evey that his work is “almost finished” - Evey remembers V telling her that “[she] must discover whose face lies behind this mask, but [she] never knew his face.” Evey finds a hard time accepting V’s death Evey thinks about the face under the mask - She finds inner peace and calm in the face of chaos and adversity Evey's Epiphany - V wants Evey to be responsible of herself Graphic Analysis Background of these images = blue and black stripes - indicate her confusion and the mystery behind the mask Repeated images
- also suggest the confusion Evey has and repeat the idea of denying the fact that the face behind the mask being the person she loved. Evey is sitting at the dressing table getting ready Evey is looking through the mirror
and crying Graphic Weighting
& Main Message A close up of Evey's big, confident smile - grows into a mature woman willing to accept greater responsibility for the world she lives on. - Headquarters of Her Majesty's Government and the official residence and office of the First Lord of the Treasury, an office now invariably held by the Prime Minister Title: the hall of Odin into which the souls of heroes slain in battle and others who have died bravely are received Characterizations Evey:
- On p263, Evey claims that “[she] thinks about the task ahead, so vast, so vital, and so difficult.”
- Now officially announcing that she becomes V’s successor Dominic Stone: - Rescued by Evey
- Takes him to the Shadow Gallery
- Evey will train him as her successor Helen Heyer: - Homeless
- Her master plan collapses
- She is last seen offering her body in exchange for protection and food to the mobs after being rejected by Finch and after anarchy has spilled. Finch: - Rather serve in a world of order than one of chaos - Achieves his self-knowledge, expressing sorrow over his complicity with Norsefire's atrocities Graphic Color Dominate color = Black Finch is walking alone down the abandoned highway, all the streetlamps dark in front of him Graphic Analysis Evey makes it clear what she will do in her new role. Her replacement of V is about fulfilling his vendetta Main Massage - All Evey needs to do are guide the people of England and help them rebuild their empire
- Since their old government is non-existent, it is the time to fulfill V’s vision of freedom, justice and peace for the masses. Helen: - She shows her true colors
- Selfish Leaves Conrad to die
- p256 middle center panel Evey:
- Determined
- Committed to carrying out V's Plan
- p258 middle panels Title:
- The Volcano
- Climax:
people take V's side
people had enough of the corrupted government Graphic Analysis - p258 & 259
- No writing Author shows quick change in emotion - Bird's Eye View
- Shows chaos in a bigger picture Main Message - V was correct when he said that 'They can kill the man but not the idea'
- Before his death, V got people thinking about their rights and freedoms
- Chapter 10 reaches a climax when Evey is shown speaking over the large crowd
- The people of London make a decision to fight for their freedom
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