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Landslides - OPD 2012

No description

Jeff Jirava

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Landslides - OPD 2012

Office of Project Development Conference
November 27 - 28, 2012
Office of Project Development Conference
November 27 & 28, 2012
Jeff Jirava, PE
NDDOT Materials and Research

What causes landslides? Gravity + Other Factors
Highway 85
"Horseshoe Bend Slide Area"
Highway 73 Slide
Landslide Prevention?
Not Possible in all Areas
Natural Factors
Human Factors

Rainfall and Snowfall
Types of Landslides
Design Phase
What we have learned from the recent landslide activity
Water Sources
Tension Cracking
Variability in Soils
Permeability Contrasts
Highly Stratified Soils
Slope Loading
Removal of Trees & Vegetation
2011 ND Landslides
Caused 5 Road Closures
9 Emergency Declarations
$5.6 Million in Emergency Repairs
Activated Several Existing and New Slide Areas
Office and Field Review
Geotechnical and Maintenance Personnel
Landslide Clues
Typical Corrective Measures
Typical Instrumentation
Inclinometer Tubes
Visual Evaluations
Groundwater Levels
Water Levels
May 2012 (Post Drain Installation)
Horizontal Drains
Spring 2011 – Movement was detected in the inclinometer tube

Summer 2011 – Installation of additional inclinometer tubes

Fall 2011 - Concrete median crossovers were completed

April 2012 - Guardrail and 14 Horizontal Drains were installed

July 2012 - Voids were found under CRCP upon investigation and filled using Cellular Concrete
Current Status and Activities

A landslide developed adjacent to the 1970 slide on the west side in 1979.

The cause was a perforated drain line found broken by new landslide movement.

The solution to this fix was to redirect runoff away from the slide and realign the buffalo fence.
Roadway Embankment Instability History
I-94 EB
This segment of Interstate 94 was graded in 1964.

The embankment has had stability problems since the roadway opened.

There was a scenic overlook into Painted Canyon that was closed in 1970 as a result of instability of the embankment. This area is about 1000’ east of our current slide area.

Original landslide was fixed in 1970 with excavation and a perforated drain line
Interstate 94 Embankment Instability
Painted Canyon
Horizontal Drains
Highway 85 RP 126
Highway 8 RP 124
Highway 22 RP 125
Highway 22 RP 125
NDDOT Geotechnical Section

Jeff Jirava jjirava@nd.gov
Matt Kurle mkurle@nd.gov
Jordan Nehls jnehls@nd.gov
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