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Cold As Ice Report

No description

kelsey perez

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Cold As Ice Report

Kelsey Perez Drama High : Cold As Ice
By : L.Divine Main Characters What i think about the book The Book jacket .. Conflict ... Jayd & her Boyfriend :) About Jayd Jayd
Jeremy (Jayd's boyfriends)
Mickey (Jayd's Bestfriend)
Nellie (Jayd's other bestfriend)
Rah (Jayd's Ex)
Mama (Jayd's grandma)
lynn marie (jayd's mom)
Misty (Jayd's enemy)
Nigel (Mickey boyfriend)
Chance (Nellie's boyfriend) This book is very good. I like how the main character carries herself in this story. She's a strong girl she has so much confidance in herself. She learns how too keep it moving and not look back at all. She's living life as she should and I
feel as if this book relates to my life. With the AP exams comeing up , Jayd can't afford any distractions. Depites her best intentions, jayd gets entangled in Rah's baby mama drama and fails her pre-test exam. Knowing its time to get her act together , she joins a study group on campus , sharpens her skills and meets a whole new crew.unfortunately , Jayd's the only one who's happy about her study habits and newfound friends. her old crew is suddenly full of haters and even mama's giving her a hard time. just when it seem things can't get any worse, misty starts talking smack , hoping to destoy to destory jayd once and for all. Now, jay's wondering if the real test is wether she's ready to say goodbye to the old and move up and out . Jayd is fed up with her "Bestfriends" Mickey &
Nellie it's too the point that she does'nt even
wanna kick it .There fake Mickey is miserabele
every sence she got pregnant she has been mad
for no aprarent reason everything jayd does she
seems to have a problem with it . Nellie just
want's to be a follower and stop talkin to Jayd
just cause mickey stop talkin to jayd . A sassy sixteen-year-old from Compton, California, who comes from a long line of Louisiana conjure
women. she is the only one in her lineage born
with brown eyes ana a caul. her grandmother
appropriately named her 'Jayd,' whitch is also
the name her grandmother took on in her days as a
voodoo queen in New Orleans. She live with her grandparents four uncles , and her cousin Jay. Jayd is in all AP classes and visits her mother on the weekend. she has a tense relationship with her father whom she sees occasionally , and has never-ending drama in her life , whether at school or home . jayd has a boyfriend who's a sufer.
His name is jeremy. She's in love with him. She like's how things are
going with her relationship. she wakes up to him goes to sleep to him. she has'nthad sex with him yet but she's been thinking about it
she just scared .
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