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Vlad the Impaler

No description

mitchell collins

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Vlad the Impaler

Evolutica(2006), Information about Dracula, retrieved october 13, 2012 from www.draculas.info.

Wikipedia(2012), Vlad the Impaler, retrieved October 13, 2012 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlad_the_Impaler Bibliography (APA) True to his name, Vlad enjoyed impaling his captives of war on tall spikes and positioning them outside his castle for all the world to see. Also, one of his favorite pastimes was toturing small mice, birds, and even people. Another name that he lived up to was the original Dracula. While the name Dracula came from his family's surname Draculea; however the "original dracula" part came from his habit of drinking the blood of his defeated enemies. Vlad the Impaler's Legacy Vlad the Impaler, also known as Vlad Tepes, the original Dracula, or Vlad the III, was an absolute monarch. An absolute monarch has the power to rule their land freely, with no laws or legally direct opposition in force. When Vlad came into office, he found his kingdom in economic and crime stricken turmoil. To rebuild the strength of the economy, Vlad limited the foreign trade in Wallachia to only three cities:Târgșor, Câmpulung and Târgoviște. He also tried to keep Wallachia as economically indpendent as possible. As far as religion goes, his religious views were not clear in history. It is believed that he was born a Catholic, but later converted to Orthodox. The impoverished citizens were very grateful of Vlad and his attempts to rebuild Wallachia, but the corrupt nobility (boyars) were less than fond of him. the way that Vlad ruled, as an absolute monarch, deprived the nobles of the power that they felt was theirs. Vlad felt the same way about the nobles, which led him to execute the majority of the nobles and put knights and commoners in their offices. Information about Vlad Timeline of Vlad the Impaler's Life Map of Vlad's Kingdom Vlad The Impaler Vlad's kingdom 1431

the birth of Vlad, Vlad Draculea's second son, and the future king Vlad the Impaler. 1442-1448

Young Vlad is sent hostage to the Otoman Empire 1448

Vlad the Impaler occupies Wallachia's throne for about six months. 1448-1456

Vlad the Impaler as a fugitive in Moldova and Transylvania 1456-1462

Vlad the Impaler rules Wallachia. 1462 (prior to the 26th of November)

Vlad the Impaler is arrested at the request of Matyas Corvinus, near to the Dambovita Castle, imprisoned for about two months in the Bran Castle and then moved to the Visegrad Castle where he will stay for the next 12 years. 1476, the 26th of November

Vlad the Impaler becomes king of Wallachia for the second time. the end of 1476

Vlad the Impaler is killed by the Ottomans with the help of traitor boyars. Bran Castle, the reisdence of Dracula
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