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Reginos Pizza- PESTLE analysis

No description

Sean James

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Reginos Pizza- PESTLE analysis

Reginos Pizza: A PESTLE analysis
By: Fiona, Nishani, Nolan, Sean
1. History of Reginos Pizza
2. PESTLE analysis
P-Political issues
E-Economic issues
S-Social issues
L-Legal issues
E-Environmental issues
E-Ethical issues
3. Conclusion

Founded in 1998
Private company
Baska Nagalingham bought it in 2005
Expanded to 11 locations
Caters to many events
P-Political Issues
Regino's is held under the trade policies of the government of Canada.
They are required to follow an interventionist way of trade.
Have to follow policies and legislations such as:
Political Issues Continued
Foreign Pressure
Political Issues Continued
Economic Issues continued
Economic Issues Continued
S-Social Issues
Consumer Opinions and Ethnic factors
Generally positive reviews from Customers
Only complaint with the lack of integrity of the company
Employees mainly Sri Lankan and practice Hinduism
Demographics, Education and Working attitude of People
Demographics- Large group of students of schools nearby are the intended demographic
Locally known to community
Education-At least a high school diploma
Working attitude-Customers report that they are a friendly service dedicated to their customers
Health, Buying Access, and Advertising
Health- Sanitary workplace
Not the healthiest options
Buying Access- Cheap
Order online or directly
Advertising scenarios-Catering to many events to gain more recognition.
L-Legal Issues
Regino's mainly held under provincial laws.
They are expected to follow things such as:
Legal Issues continued
Legal issues Continues
E-Environmental Issues
Boxes are made of 100% recycled material
No intensively breeding of livestock
Less deforestation

Regino's own the trademark to their logo.
Ethical issues continued
Food safety and supplier
Ethical Issues continued
Employee Relations

Political- The governing body above the business
Economic- Different locations
Social- Regino's Pizza lives up to it's mission statement about providing satisfaction to their customers
Legal- The rules the business is run on
Environmental-They may not be involved directly in the environment but they are stewards
Ethical- Employee Relations,Health & Safety Protocols and Suppliers.

Guidelines for making decisions
Many places in the food industry face ethical challenges
Ex. Minimum-wage employees
Ex. Different ideas on decision making
Proper employee relations are important, especially in food industry
Food industry= underpaid employees
Also food industry=overworked employees
Employee relations=Better reputation=More workers
Employers and employees must be careful when storing/handling food
Be strong in including food safety in code of ethics
Must be familiar with suppliers
There are 11 different locations across Ontario:
Pharmacy & Finch
Morningside & 401
Brimley & Finch
Yonge & Clark
Pharmacy & Danforth
Highway 48 & 16th
Keele & Finch

Oshawa - Bond St. & Simceo
Bradford - -Holland St. E. & Barrie St.
Ajax - Highway 401 & Westney Rd. S.
Employment Protection Legislation
Consumer Protection Legislation
Competition Legislation
Social and Environmental Protection

Employee Protection Legislation
Regino's must make all decisions involving employees with out any bias towards age, gender, religion, or ethnicity
They also must train all the staff correctly in the ways of health and safety (WHIMIS) and the correct way to handle food
Consumer Protection
Regino's can not share customer information
Can not make false or misleadig claims about their service or products

Income Tax
Sales Tax
They funded partially by loans.
Effects the total revenue and taxes
Regino's has to compete with companies like:
Pizza Pizza
Papa John'd
Pizza Nova

Industry Specific Legislation
Regino's as a restaurant must fit the health and safety regulations of the municipal territory that each franchise is in.
Restaurant Protocol
Get a pass from Public Health representatives
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