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How Do Automotive Mechanics' Use Math?

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Alyssa Thrasher

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of How Do Automotive Mechanics' Use Math?

How Do Automotive Mechanics' Use Math?
By: Alyssa Thrasher

period. 3
How is math used in this job?
Auto Mechanics use math in all kinds of ways... such as:
Ratios, they use ratios when it comes to gears and weight.
Small units and measuring, they use this for cylinder boring... like when it comes to widening the cylinder to give more space for larger piston rings, tightening, etc.
Parentage problems
What kind of education/ training does it take to obtain this job?
You usually need to have completed your 4-years of high school.
Most mechanics have taken 2 years of vocational school to specialize in maintenance and repair.
What kind of math do Automotive Mechanics use?
Auto mechanics use the basis of math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and geometry
Auto mechanics don't always do hard math.
Homework Problem:
Monday a lady brought her car in to get her oil checked. The dipstick read full. One week later she brought her car back in, I checked the oil again and it was a quart low. So how many ounces did she lose over a 7-day period per day?
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