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Habaneros Marketing Intro

June 2011

Hillik nissani

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of Habaneros Marketing Intro

The habanero is the hottest chili pepper you'll find in your local grocery stores, and they are very, very hot. Who we are Habaneros Marketing is a global marketing agency, set to assist Israeli companies expand globally.

We provide CMO services ranging from branding and strategy definition, through “go to market strategy” formation, development of marketing infrastructure and all the way to actual execution of specific projects. EXECUTION Marketing used to be relatively simple...

All you had to do, was read a couple of these: Why Do Companies use our services? we are not your ordinary consultants.

we are all about - But These Days...

when the online marketing industry looks like this: you need a helping hand and marketing strategy plans look like this: That's what we're here for We are the CMO you always dreamed of having on your team but couldn't afford to recruit and a solid strategic marketing plan
used to look like this: we are a team of marketers with proven track record Hillik Nissani

VP Americas & VP Poker, Bingo and White Labels for 888.com,
CEO of CubeEffect and one of the founders of AdsMarket (Now Matomy)
Corporate Development, Poalim Capital Markets
Principal, Tamir Fishman Ventures
VP Sales and BD of Tundo Communications
Director Sales, North and South America with Amdocs
Corporate Development and personal Assistant to owner of Visy Industries (Australia’s largest paper recycling conglomerate)
Head of Software Development Training section of the IDF /Mamram Eran Arden – Partner

A veteran of the mobile and Internet advertising field in Israel
Co-founder of the Israeli subsidiary of WPP, Grey Interactive
Owner of Digital Global Interactive, a digital advertising agency
Clients – Nike, Unilever, P&G, LG, Shlomo Sixt, Clal Finance and more Sagit Drory – Partner

Managed 888.com’s global online media buy
Built and managed online acquisition channels for several leading online brands in gaming, forex and other finance
Specialist in funnel optimization Our Secret Recipe CMO services > Branding
> Go To market planning and execution
> Marketing infrastructure development
> Execution (examples):
Build acquisition channels
Build conversion and retention plans & execute
Build and optimize funnels
Monitoring, reporting, analysis and optimization Selected References Thank You

hot@habanerosmarketing.com Branding - how you package it Brand ID
Audience definition
Unique Value Proposition
Messaging Go To Market Strategy Market Research
Map capabilities Vs. market needs
Define proposed value to target audiences
Localize offering/messages/marketing materials
Differntiate from competitors
Define marketing channels and their mix
Apply metrics
Define the required marketing infrastructure
Think "acquisition"...
..but do not neglect "conversion" and "retention" if you have a marketing team - we will empower it.
if you don't - we will help you build it.
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