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Harvard Referencing with Microsoft Word

How to use the Referencing tools built into MS Word, and modify them to the Harvard standard used at Newcastle College.

Richard Johnson

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Harvard Referencing with Microsoft Word

Harvard Referencing
There are tools built into Microsoft Word to help you with Referencing your work.
To access the tools, click on the "References" tab of the ribbon at the top of the screen...:
If you change the “Style” setting to "Harvard – Anglia 2008" (not currently available on College PCs), it’s easy to modify this so your work is in the correct format for Newcastle College.
This brings up a new menu, with all the options that you need to construct Author-Date citations and compile Reference Lists
Author - Date Citations
Reference Lists / Bibliographies
Adding New Sources
Inserting Citations into your Work
Once you're on the References tab, click "Insert Citation", then "Add New Source"...:
... then select the "Type of Source" you are using and fill in as much information as you can about the text you want to include.
eg. a Book
eg. a Journal article
eg. a Website
On the References tab, click "Manage Sources"...:
... then "copy" the text(s) that you want from your Master List of all the sources you've ever added over to your Current List.
Editing Citations within your Work
To include page numbers, double-click on the Author-Date citation that has been inserted, and fill in the details in the pop-up box...:
You can also use this as a way of getting the system to not automatically include ("Suppress") surnames, etc, to avoid undue repetition.
Now when you click on "Insert Citation", you can pick from everything listed in your Current List.
Double-click the source that you want and it will appear in your text.
At the end of your work, you need to include full details of your sources. You do this by clicking on the "Bibliography" button on the References section of the Microsoft Word ribbon.
Now click on either...:

Bibliography (for a complete list of everything on your Current List in the Sources Manager), or

Works Cited (for just those texts you used - this is normally called a Reference List ).
You now need to make just a few quick edits to the list so that your work is correctly formatted in the style you need for Newcastle College.
The edits needed...:
The finished list...:
The list inserted by Microsoft Word looks like this...:
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