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Why was Athens called a democracy?

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Kristen Bennett

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Why was Athens called a democracy?

Athens vs. Sparta
Life in two rival powerhouses
Every citizen could take part in government.
- Male, over 18, born in Athens, free
- a group of citizens with power to pass laws
Why was Athens called a democracy?
- few
- rule
Spartan government was ruled by a few (wealthy) people
The leaders were in a group called The Council of Elders. (60+ yrs.)
Why is Sparta called an oligarchy?
with foreign lands and other city-states
Buying and selling in the
(market place)
to make trade easier
How did the Athenians get the goods they needed for everyday life?
Conquering and stealing
Forced slaves to produce what they needed
In order to discourage trade, money was made as huge iron bars
How did Spartans get the goods they needed for everyday life?
How did Athenians train the bodies and minds of boys?
Athenian boys went to school between the ages of 6-14.
Learned reading, writing, math, sports and music.
Began military training at 18
How did Spartans train the minds and bodies of boys and girls?
Boys and girls left home to train as soldiers at the age of 7
Taught to suffer pain, steal and lie
Very little academic schooling
How were women treated in Athens?
Were not citizens
could not choose husbands
could not own property
didn't go out alone
managed their households
How were women in Sparta treated?
Lived the same simple life as men
Expected to be strong and read fight
Could own property
Did not need men as escorts
How were slaves treated in Athens?
Either born slaves or captured in war
performed a variety of jobs
How were slaves in Sparta treated?
Treated very harshly
Were killed if thought they might revolt
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