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MW2 vs BFBC2

No description

Nate Fiacco

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of MW2 vs BFBC2

MW2 vs BFBC2 PROS The graphics are good weapon customization is good killstreak and callsign edditing is unique CONS Bullet registration is horrible Host Migrations The host fails Un realistic war its more of a cluster of kids trying to shoot eachother with no tactical way of playing un realistic kick back on certain weapons Massive glitches PROS Massive gun selection Great bullet registration more realistic graphics and gameplay Bigger maps more like real war you can accually control vehicles More challenging than COD CONS Not very easy to make a pre-made group you have to unscope to reload a bolt action sniper the physics in the game is like real life some vehicles arent that easy to control You cant go prone sometimes the parachute is faulty and it counts your death as a suicide BFBC2 wins, leave comments if u think i left somethings out on either game
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