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Efforts for ICT Friendly Local Governance in Nepal

No description

Nagesh Badu

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Efforts for ICT Friendly Local Governance in Nepal

use of ICT to improve and development of government activities and their transformation
employment of ICT for delivering government information and services
e-gov in Nepal
UNPACS report 2014
E-Government Development Index
0.2344 (Rank 165 of 193)
E-Participation Index
0.2941 (Rank 110 of 193)
ICT is pervasive- its need of time
Increase ICT capacity of Government and staffs
Hard work vs Smart work
ICT is a tool to improve
service delivery
public reach (notice and get noticed)
efficient reporting and monitoring
documentation and archiving
United Nations Public Administration Country Studies (UNPACS)
United Nations University
International Institute for Software Technology
Center for Electronic Governance, 2011.
Data references:
Future Plan

Develop and implement eGov strategy at all levels
ICT unit and focal person at MOFALD/ LBs
Inter section/ inter agency ICT activities alignment
ICT awareness at central and local level
Adequate resource for ICT at all levels
provide better services to citizens,
improve transparency (OpenGov)
work towards the knowledge based society
e-government helps in
ICT Friendly Local Governance in Nepal
ICT Team
Compiled and presented by
Achievements and way forward

Objective of ICT component
System (Developed)
Online Akhtiyari System
Online grievance System,
Online reporting System,
Disaster data collection System,
Assets Management System
Digital Letterhead, Letter registration and forwarding System,
Office Automation System
Revenue Management and Billing System
NGO Management System
System (Improved)
DDC and VDC Accounting Software
Social Mobilization Database,
Municipalities (217)
DDC (75)
Mobile Application for MOFALD
ICT Survey
of all DDCs & MUNs
At least 211
resource maps
updated in 60 local bodies
transfer &
blog/mobile app
social media
(Facebook) accounts for all LBs
Collaborative platform
for ICTE, ICTVs and D/UGEs
support forum
for software/lbwebsites
ICT infrastructure
Server: 96 LBs
Network: 99 LBs
Solar Backup: 97 LBs
Interactive Systems
Audio notice board (75 LBs) & Advanced Free Phone
Digital Notice Board (35 LBs)
Group SMS (59 LBs)
BioMetric Attendance (20+ LBs)
Queue Management System (5+ LBs)
Free WiFi (69 LBs)
Develop long term e-governance strategy
Develop local governance portal that will include:
resources relevant to LBs
eGov service system (online forms)
digital citizen charter of LBs
links to all municipality and DDC website
staffs information of all LBs (PIS)
digital service/ software systems available
knowledge repository and management database
Develop/improve software and system
ICT capacity building programs for staffs
ICT awareness at community level
Promote volunteerism
Lack of e-governance strategy
Lack of adequate ICT
at LB
ICT friendly human resource
Financial Resource
to change
(at policy level)
Isolated software
/system at LBs
ICT related Capacity Building
Training on ICT Tools
Training at LBs: 90+ LBs
LB Staffs trained: 2000+
Support ICT Policy of Nepal
ICT4D (ICT for Development)
Strengthen to eGovernance in Nepal
Training on Website: 58 MUNs, 75 DDCs
VDC Accounting Software: 71 DDCs
No. of training other than LB staffs
Social Mobilizers: 300+
Ward/ VDC Officers: 100+
NGO/Schools: 50+
Improvement in ICT Capacity
LB staffs confident on:
Email usages: 2500+
Office Package: 2500+
Software Install/Uninstall: 1000+
Hardware Troubleshooting: 800+
Website Update: 170

(includes document archive, grievance handling provision)
​Those who can, Do!
Those who can Do More, VOLUNTEER!
Volunteers are paid less, Not because they are worthless, but because
they are priceless!
e-gov in Nepal
UNPACS report 2016
E-Government Development Index
0.3458 (Rank 135 of 193)
Improved by 30 ranks
E-Participation Index
0.5085 (Rank 89 of 193)
Improved by 21 ranks
UNV ICT Experts (8)
ICT Volunteers (136)
58 Municipalities
75 DDCs
Ministry now has a dedicated ICT Component
However, we have 60 LBs vacant, now!
Why adopt ICT?
Detail recommendation can be found in link below:
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