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star trek

star trek history

joseph barkemyer

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of star trek

star trek
history the first series is startrek the origanal series the cast of star trek t.o.s voyager is the 4th serise in the startrek this is the second crew for the startrek this is the third crew of star trek this is the second ship in the serius the third seris is based on a starbase this is the fuorth crew of startrek the last crew is enterprise THIS IS THE FIFTH SHIP STAR
FIRST MVIE OF TEN the wrath of
khan is the
second movie saerck for spock
is the third movie the fourth movie
is the voyage home the final frontire
is the fifth movie undesoverd cuontry is the
foruth startrek movie generations is the seventh startrek movie first contact is the 9TH startrek movie ISERECTION
MOVIE NEMISIS IS THE LAST STAR TREK MOVI pictures of the cast of star trek the origanol serise willam shatner
captian kirk lenord nimoy
spock defrost kelly
dr.macoy james dohann
scotty nichelle nicholes
as uhura
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