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Spring Break Negotiation

Negotiations with Professor Hershey

Daniel Smith

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Spring Break Negotiation

Spring Break Negotiations Dan Smith Setting JFK Airport 1:30 am 5 Penn Students Multi-Party Negotiation Need to get to Philadelphia Car from JFK train the next morning shuttle from JFK navigate NJ transit system Greyhound bus at 4:30am Internal Negotiations Principle Concerns:

1. Safety
2. Cost
3. Time of Arrival Creative Solution Preparation for Negotiation BATNA: Greyhound Bus

Targeted Service: Car from JFK Tactics Utilized:

1. Patience
2. Alternatives
3. Information
4. Segregation of Gains
Results Created a Package Deal


-Base Price
-Dinner for the Driver
-Toll Charges Key Lessons Learned Importance of Patience Clearly Identify Interests Segregate Gains Understand and Limit Risk
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