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The Life of Saul

No description

John Fink

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of The Life of Saul

The Life of Saul
Saul's Persecution
Saul was a high ranking army officer
Saul's Conversion
Saul was on his way to Damascus when he was struck down by a blinding light.
Saul became a disciple of the Lord
Work Cited
Early Years
Saul Was born in Gibeah.
Was born to a man named Kish
Was a member of the tribe of Benjamin
His goal was to imprison or kill all Christians
He did this for many years and was a wicked, evil man
God spoke to Saul and blinded him for three days
Saul did not eat, drink, or speak for three days in Damascus until Ananias came to Saul and filled him with the Holy Spirit
He helped establish the early church
He changed his name to Paul
Saul's life was turned around by the Lord, and he became holy and a good man
f http://www.bible-topten.com/images/Paul.h1.jpg
f http://www.gardenofpraise.com/images/saul4.jpg
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f http://www.blbclassic.org/images/bible_images/Kings/david_saul1.jpg
Saul's Portraits
Saul had the portrait of surrender and
He was able to give himself up entirely
to the Lord, his body, mind, and soul
Saul faced a great amount of persecution for his change of heart

He accepted the persecution because he knew God was on his side
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