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Alienation in Brave New World

No description

Kristin Anderson

on 9 August 2012

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Transcript of Alienation in Brave New World

in Brave New World By: Kristin Anderson Three Characters: Bernard Marx
Helmholtz Watson
John the Savage The Alienation of Bernard Marx Bernard is alienated due to his
physical appearance.
He was born an Alpha Plus The Alienation of John: John is alienated by Alienation: Definition:
Alienation occurs when there is a collision of
one’s self-definition and what society
expects of the individual; furthermore,
it is “the feeling that one is not at home
in the world, the sense of estrangement
from one’s surrounding, oneself, and other
people” (Graeber). Consequences: Alienation leads to the
characters' downfalls
in Huxley's Brave New
World Types of Alienation
in Brave New World alienation from other people
alienation from society
self-alienation The Alienation of Bernard Marx Bernard was alienated physically and mentally from the
people in the World State because he not up to the same
standards as the other Alpha-Pluses.
He tries desperately to be accepted, and finally is when he
brings John back from the Reservation. However, it is not long
before his reputation catches up to him and he is exiled to an
island. Therefore, Bernard was alienated by the people in the
World State and eventually alienated from society. The Alienation of
Helmholtz Watson The Alienation of
John the Savage Helmholtz Watson was also born an Alpha Plus however, unlike Bernard, he is stronger and smarter
than other Alphas. This feeling of superiority
and wanting to know more leads Helmholtz to
do things that aren't accepted by the World State.
It is his actions, fueled by his separation from others that leads to his alienation from society when
he is exiled to an island with Bernard. Therefore, Bernard alienates himself from other people and is also alienated from society. John is first isolated from the Savage Reservation where he is prohibited from participating in the Native American rituals. He is also alienated at the Reservation due to his mother, Linda, not being from the Reservation. Her provocative ways were frowned upon and she and her son were disliked by many in the Reservation.
After arriving in the World State, John is unable to find a place in his new society, and again is left separated from the people of this society when he cannot and will not conform to the shallow beliefs and actions of those in the World State.
John's alienation eventually leads to his suicide at the end of the novel. Therefore, John was a victim of alienation from other people, from society and from himself. THE END. “There is only one way left to escape the
alienation of present day society: to retreat
ahead of it”
- Roland Barthes
The three main characters
faced with separation in the World State, are only freed from their alienation through their exiles or through death.
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