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Rhetorical Appeals

No description

Brittney Sweetser

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Rhetorical Appeals

Rhetorical Appeals
AP English Language and Comp.

It "IS HERE" makes it seem as if this is the moment that everyone has been waiting for, and now that it's here, you need to buy it. The phone is also represented on a white canvas so that it seems simple and reachable.
Audience: Pet owners, dog lovers, good-doers, and anyone that has a heart because "who doesn't want to save these helpless creatures?"

This perfume is presented with so much simplicity, the only credibility it needs is Justin Bieber's picture. Since he strongly appeals to younger girls as an artist, he has extrinsic credibility that makes it easy to simply advertise his face next to any product and it will still sell. Although it may not necessarily smell nice, it's the artist's image that makes the fragrance appealing.
Brittney Sweetser
Maydellyn Dumaop
Anayib Figueroa
Jacqueline Meza
The intended audiences are most likely teenagers and women that frequently use beauty products, especially bilingual women.

-There's a picture of the phone next to the word "gorgeous" which implies that having this phone will make you stylish and appealing.
It especially appeals to the younger generations who care about their popularity amongst their friends and their materialistic reputation.

It is bilingual and it especially captures the audience's attention because it is located in our bilingual community, where most of the population speaks Spanish.
The claim that the product is in the "top ten best sellers" makes consumers feel like they need to purchase only high quality products and by buying it, they will look and be the best as well.
It is NEW, which makes it seem like it is improved and currently the best on the market, therefore you should buy it now before everyone else buys it before you!

Since it is "dramatically different," the audience finds it logical to buy a product that seems to be unique and that "obviously" has incredible results. Of course, the small print next to it says that the product is $26.00, but it is located in a small corner where no one can see it.
The quote of a previous product user also appeals to the audience's sense of logic, since the audience is given an outside source that can attest to the quality of the product. In this way, the audience can believe that the product isn't a scam, since others besides the company can prove that it works (although they're just words on paper).

This video takes on the role of a dog that is locked up, giving a voice to a dog that seems to have no power in a shelter. It makes the audience feel sympathy for the dogs because they "just want to go home" and they know what it feels like to be alone and without love and care.
Pet owners are urged to buy the Pedigree food brand so that they can help other dogs in need and feel like they made a difference in the world, one dog at a time.

The image of the girl next to him suggests that the fragrance will automatically make Justin Bieber love you, like it's the "key" to his heart. Therefore, this advertisement is mainly directed at teenage girls, or women, who find Justin Bieber desirable.
Extrinsic Cred
Audience: People who care about appearance and style when searching for a new phone.
In this advertisement, there is a combination of both ethos and pathos. Ethos is delivered by the presence of the world-famous singer Taylor Swift which in turn makes the perfume more attractive and desirable. Swift’s presence alone makes the intended audience make the connection that in wearing the perfume, one will smell like Swift. Her presence also creates a sense of pathos. By presenting Swift in a long fairytale-like ball gown, Swift looks like a princess and princesses are often associated with incredible exterior beauty. As an effect, her female fans' desire to be as beautiful as she is in the ad is targeted and an indirect connection is made that in wearing the perfume one will be as beautiful as Swift is. Overall, the message is effective given that many of Taylor Swift’s fans own the perfume and the Wonderstruck Perfume has been so successful that it led to the creation of a different version of the same perfume: the Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume.
This commercial consists of the combination of ethos and pathos. Ethos is delivered by Terry Crews, the Old Spice spokesperson, since he is portrayed as the ideal man and as the man that all men aspire to be. In announcing that he, the "ideal" man, wears Old Spice body spray, the message that wearing Old Spice body spray in order to be like Crews or at least smell like him is targeted towards all men who want to be "manlier." The message is effective especially when taking into consideration the amount of Old Spice commercials there are which communicates that money must be coming in, in order for more commercials to be coming out.
Due to the phrases “the world’s most advanced chronograph”, “precision timing to 1/1,000th of a second”, and “since 1875”, it is evident that this ad is an example of logos, as well as ethos.
This photo is trying to convey that their watches are precise and reliable. Adding that the timing is as precise as “1/1,000th of a second” and that the company has been established since 1875 points out the advancement of the product and the experience of the company.
The audience includes consumers in general, but specifically, adults who can afford it and value precision, organization, and style.
The message is effective because the usage of numbers in their ad to explain the advancement of their product, and the inclusion of a giant picture of it and the year it was established persuades the audience into believing its value and will eventually buy it.

This store was entitled THREE awards in the same year, revealing its greatness to its customers in order to draw in even more consumers and keep the ones that already shop there.
This photo targets consumers who are interested in the quality of the market they’re shopping in.
This message is effective because regular customers will take pride in shopping at this store and continue doing so. Simultaneously, those that don’t shop there regularly will begin to because they are now informed of its titles that reflect its superiority compared to others markets.
This is an example of ethos because these entitlements increase its credibility by labeling them as both reliable and successful compared to other markets in the area.
These awards, which are hung near the entrance of the store, present that this store has been recognized for its achievements throughout the year of 2011.
This is an example of pathos because its presentation of a graduate holding an infant evokes emotion within the audience.
With the words “Your Life, Your University” in combination with the graduate holding the infant, it is evident that the photo is trying to point out that going to National University ensures success in education and the life of families. Choosing an infant rather than an older child to represent this ad reveals that this university creates new beginnings for its students and their loved ones.
Generally, this photo targets people who are interested in pursuing a career, but specifically, it targets parents and adults who are interested in improving their educational and economical status.
This message is effective because adults and parents who want to improve their standard of living and raise a stable family would be persuaded to consider National University.

This photo is an example of logos and pathos because it uses a statistic, and is supported by various groups related to the message of the ad.
The image persuades people to discourage smoking in neighborhoods in order to promote healthier environments and prevent diseases. The statistic emphasizes that the majority people of the county would prefer a smoke-free environment, and the addition of the several different health groups located at the bottom of the image, such as Healthy Works, reveals that it is a countywide health concern that is being supported.
The audience includes residents in San Diego who live in apartments and other attached buildings, especially those who have experienced second-hand smoking.
The message is effective because the audience will be aware of the unpopularity of smoking, it's negative effects, and how supported this project is, which would then persuade them to call this number and participate in this cause.

The message is effective because teens and adults who enjoy trends and smartphones will be easily persuaded by the simple, yet persuasive ad. Simplicity is key.
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