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No description

Dara Long

on 19 September 2011

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Transcript of DTP

However, an explosion of consumer programs and the associated advertising hype stretched the use of "desktop publishing software" to include sofware for making greeting cards, calendars, banners, and other crafty print projects as well as all the peripheral programs for handing fonts, graphics, and later Web design. It also resulted in a wider range of low-cost, easy-to-use software that didn't require traditional design and prepress skills to understand and use. Find Your Niche
Parts of a Document
Parts of an Ad
Parts of an Annual Report
Parts of a Book
Parts of a Business Card
Parts of an Envelope
Parts of a Greeting Card
Parts of a Newsletter
Design & Publish a Church Newsletter
Publish a Family History Book
Make Your Own Trading Cards
Make Artist Trading Cards
Design a Student ID Card
Top 4 Things to Make
Advertising Pieces
Annual Reports
Business Cards
Cards & Invitations
Digital Scrapbooks
Identity System
Iron On Transfers
Portfolio Projects (Makeovers)
Graphic designers who work for design firms, companies with dedicated design departments, or as freelancers tend to use the high end desktop publishing software for everything. This means primarily Adobe, Quark, or Corel products.

How does desktop publishing affect us? Destop publishing it used everywhere, whether we realize it or not. Desktop publishing sort of lets us express ourselves and let us make things the way we want it, such as on this prezi. When you read a magazine, desktop publishing is used to create it. When you read the newspaper, it is used with desktop publishing. PAGES: In desktop publishing, there are two kinds of different pages. The first kind is electronic pages. These are virtual pages such as websites, blogs, or virtual advertisements. The second kind of page are physical paper pages. These are electronic pages, but printed. web designers, publishing industries, advertisement makers, printing industries, graphic design You don't necessarily have to have a degree in desktop publishing, but it gives you a better opportunity to get the job. To work with desktop publishing: Most employers look for people that are hard workers and don't slack off. You should have the basic knowledge of a computer and be able to work with people. It is good to have somewhat of an artistic ability, especially in your page layouts, to be creative in your work as a Desktop Publisher. Some careers that involve desktop publishing skills: As of January 2011, the median annual earnings for a Desktop Publisher in the US is $40,500. The salary earnings are based on level of experience, training, location, and the size of the firm where you are working.

Back Then, and Now: When Desktop Publishing was first used, it was created with a type writer. Letter spacing was not controlled and there was not a huge variety of fonts and sizes to change too. Long ago, computers had monochromed screens and were very small. There was a difference between the output and what was on the screen. Sometimes, the computers had frequent software crashes. Now, it has improved. This society now has better computers, better software, and a wider variety of fonts, colors, and sizes. Pay: Examples: What is Desktop Publishing? Desktop publishing is the use of the computer and software to create visual displays of ideas and information. There are now tons of different types of softwares that can be used to make desktop publishing easier. There are many different programs and better quality technology and computers that produce high definition images. BETTER Printers: Operating Systems: SOFTWARE: Desktop Publishing Bear, Jacci Howard. "Desktop Publishing and Design Software - Choose and Use Desktop Publishing and Design Software." Desktop Publishing - Tutorials and Desktop Publishing Software Recommendations. Web. 19 Sept. 2011.

<http://desktoppub.about.com/od/findsoftware1/u/Choose_and_Use.htm>. "Careers in Desktop Publishing-- Job Training, Employment, Job Outlook and Earnings." Edinformatics -- Education for the Information Age. Web. 19 Sept. 2011.

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