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2nd Week Presentation

William Touch

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Carpentry

Here's my resume
By: William Touch
This is my path
Career Preparation Period
Skills & Attributes
Career and Educational Goals
When they say that you can do anything you put your mind to, you eventually get tired of hearing it and just do it.
I plan on trying to find a secure lifestyle for myself with a career like anyone would and further my education and general knowledge. Bettering oneself consists of many small goals, and in doing so you set the path to a better life.
Work Values
Maintain Professionalism
Stay Positive
Strategies for Phone Interviews
Speak clearly and slowly.
Make sure you have a pen and pad including information you may need. (Like resumes)
No distractions from the surroundings or interrupted calls.
Conduct mock interviews.
3405 39th Street, San Diego, CA 92105•(619)750-4807•gtouch09@gmail.com

William Touch

Objective: Obtain an entry level career.

Professional Accomplishments:

Firefighting Intern
 Hiked with tools and web gear in strenuous heat conditions and cutting line to acclimate for certification.
 Worked as Type I/II hot shot crew in 2010 fire season; Tehachapi fire, the Cowboy Fire of San Diego, Hampshire Fire near Thousand Oaks, Glass Fire near Montecito.
 Taken flood training and FRO Hazwoper training.

Trail Maintenance
 Worked with corpsmembers to maintain human trails at Conejo Open Space in Thousand Oaks and Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu.
 Used the Pulaski, McLeod, chainsaw, weed whip, and many other landscaping tools.
 Helped sponsors at Solstice Canyon Park with their project to regulate non-natives.

 Worked for the city of Camarillo, Ventura, and Santa Barbara.
 Worked near freeways/highways and city streets to clear unwanted brush and landscapes.
 Helped remove water barriers and planted new trees in Camarillo.

 Worked in a farm building irrigation.
 Removed ice plants invading a beach and learned new techniques to get rid of large patches.
 Helped students at CSU Channel Islands with their graduation of 2010.

Employment History

07/11-08/11 Manufacturer KSI, San Diego, CA
03/10-04/11 Corps member CCC, Oxnard, CA
06/09-07/09 Warehouse worker Spherion, Rogers, MN
10/08-11/08 Hardware Technician/Extern CTR, San Diego, CA

2010 High School John Muir Charter, Oxnard, CA


References are available on request.
Interview Strategies
Research background information on the company
Practice makes perfect.
Make a list of your skills and accomplishments. Remember them.
Know the location of the interview beforehand and the time it takes to get there.
Be on time.
Bring an extra copy of your resume and a list of references
Dress to impress
Stay calm. Take a second to think before answering a question.
Be sure to ask for clarification if you don't understand something.
End with a thank you for the interview and reiterate your interest in the position
Speaking of resumes...
The purpose of personality/career testing
Working in a fulfilling career can dramatically increase happiness, self-confidence, and productivity, and consequently improve a company's performance. A career self-assessment is an important tool that can help identify possible avenues on a career path for an employee and be the instrument that opens up communication between the employee and his or her employer on how best to proceed. When the manager works with his employee to find the career path most rewarding for the employee, they are setting the stage for a long-term productive partnership.
Career Technical Training
Carpentry Apprenticeship
Basic Certificate
Intermediate Certificate
Advance Certificate
Basic Computer Skills
1. Typing
3. Internet & E-mail
2. Installing software
Visual: 11
Aural: 10
Read/Write: 12
Kinesthetic: 12
Here's my Vark's score
Learning Strategies
1. Our minds are like libraries. If well kept and categorized, your resources can be easily obtained. If scattered and piled up in random places, its hard to find. So in order for me to learn about information I'll need to categorize and label my information into different sections but limiting how much categories in order to not pile up that information.
2. 7 is the lucky number. It's also the key to memory building. Look all around and you'll see that the number 7 is used everywhere. How many continents are there? 7 wonders of the world? Seven deadly sins? 7 Eleven? Snow White? 7Th Heaven? How many questions did I ask? It is used to help remember pieces of information and builds your long term memory by not piling on too much. So when there is too much information to remember place them in categories or lists of seven's.
3. For me, hands on training is the best way to learn. I learn by experimenting, whether its pass or fail, these would only be stepping stones toward success.When it comes to reading and taking notes I'll keep in mind the first two strategies because I know I'll need it.
Companies For my Trade
APT Companies
H.G. Fenton Company
University of California
In San Diego
Find a Job!!
Jobs I can get relating to Carpentry
Ship Repair
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Tech II
"All my life I've had one dream: to achieve my many goals."
-Homer Simpson
Career Transitional Services
"Tell me about yourself."
Things Employers Want to Hear From Your Interview
For starters, SPEAK UP.
They want to know if your objectives will meet their goals.
Are you compatible? Will you fit in with the companies culture?
Are you eager to do the job?
Adaptability? Communication? Commitment?
"While working here at the University of California in San Diego, I will also be able to attend my classes without having to travel far. I can also contribute with work needed for carpentry as students will give feedback on the areas."
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