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No description

Mistress, Moki and Maria

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Creepypasta

Who are some of the more Popular villians
The more known Narrators
Slenderman is known as a tall man who wears a suit... but... what makes him popular is that he has NO face.... just a pure, white, featureless face.
He takes a liking to younger humans.... but, he will stalk older humans as well... no one knows what he does to his victims.
Stage Two
Stage three
Stage four
Stage one
You walk in the woods at night to find all 8 pages.....
He's near or you see him....
You'll hear static....
If you see him.... it's too late... it's begun... he'll stalk you
He'll eventually take you along with whoever is with you
If you decide to play... you must try your hardest to collect the pages
What made Jeff?
Jeff The Killer
Jeff the Killer started as a 13 year old.... after he was released from the hospital... they thought he'd recovered from being set on fire by 3 older teenage boys.... his mother walked into his bathroom to find her son, Jeff, cutting his eyelids off and cutting a lasting smile into his face.... she was mortified when he asked her, "Aren't I beautiful Mommy?" He then killed his Dad, Mother and little Brother....
Spread the Word
Smile Dog
What happens if you do not spread the word? Do you really want to know?
Within three days of not forwarding the picture.... you'll have terrible nightmares and you'll eventually kill yourself..... now... it'd be best.. if you Spread the Word!
Jeff The Killer and his little brother... Homicidal Liu
Slenderman vs Jeff
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