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Climate/Weather Research Report

No description

vu truong

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Climate/Weather Research Report

Okinawa, Japan is located in the southern hemisphere 40N/ 128E. Okinawa can be found between mainland Japan and Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean and is considered an International resort destination. It is part of Ryukyu island chains and is the largest about 67 miles long and varies from 2 to 16 miles wide. Okinawa is composite mostly of steep mountains, the highest is mt.Yohana with an elevation of 498 meters. The elevation of the whole island is about 282ft above sea level. The reasone that we would like to go to Okinawa is because Okinawa is the only prefecture in Japan that is truly subtropical and its volcanic islands have long been home to many unusual and beautiful species of flora and fauna. This island is a southern paradise with Mangrove forests and waterfalls, a land where colorful flowers of the subtropics bloom year-round. Surrounded by dazzling white beaches, emerald-green seas, and magnificent coral reefs that rank among the finest in the world, the resplendent green islands of Okinawa are the jewels of the Ryukyu Island chain. Okinawa is also where Karate originated. And it is a perfect vacation destination. The time zone in Okinawa is 10:43pm 20 hours almost a day behine us, the time zone in Colorado is 7:48 20 hours ahead. Okinawa culture is diffrent from my culture because in Vietnam we have New Years When New Year is coming, each household in the capital city makes a point of procuring at least a small branch of peach flowers to decorate their house. We also have Parallelism which played an important role in Vietnamese classical literary style. It marks every literary genre from prose to poetry, including a kind of rhymed pose. It entirely governs a particular genre, call parallel sentences. We also have tridictional tet painting which are prints used to carry on the cultural history of Vietnam, passed on at the welcoming of each Lunar New Year to younger generations through story telling. PLuse we have dragon dances.

In Okinawa there are so many traditional festivals.
Cherry Blossom Festival is in Nago city in late January .As Okinawa is located in the warmest part of Japan, Okinawa is the first place where people can enjoy full cherry blossoms.
Muchi(which means devil rice cake),opens in all the part of Okinawa.In this festival parents pray for the children`s health and well being with rice cakes wrapped in fragrant leaves of kuba.Because rice cakes are belived to be a protection against devil.
In early Feburary, there is a festival called Sixteen day festival.People of the same kin gather at their family tombfor a whole day to remember and entertain the soul of their ancestors with lots of fine dishes,dance and folk songs.

30 degrees north
(mT) Maritime Tropical Okinawa has a long summer and a short winter with slight differences between the seasons. And with temperatures barely falling below 15 degrees in winter. The highest period of the winter seasonal wind is during the three months between December and February, during which the atmospheric high pressure from a continent begins to spread out over the region. In Okinawa, the rainy season, from May to the end of June, starts a month earlier than the mainland. A period of the rainy season is from 30 to 60 days, although it differs every year. A hot night when the temperature does not fall below 25 degree outdoors is called a tropical night, and a day on which the temperature rises above 30 degree is called a midsummer day. Even at night, the temperature does not drop much, and it's muggy and humid.Most of the days from the end of June to August are midsummer days with tropical nights.
The average high temperature is 65 C to 88 C
The average low tempeature is 79 C to 56 C
. . Because Okinawa is surronded by water it would get Maritime tropical which means that it gets warm and moist air mass.
. . . . The climate region in Okinawa is Tropical wet so it is hot and has a lot rain most of the years. The seasons are like this because it is clost to the eqator. This climate is generally in or near the Intertropical convergence zone(ITCZ). Okinawa typically receive precipitation during most or all of the year. Okinawa The extreme weather that Okinawa gets are
Monsoons durring the rainny season causing flood, to high
winds blowing up to 52 mph cause by tropical storms creating tropical cyclones with numerouse thunderstorms and rainshowers causing airlines to cancel flights, and to dust storms coming from the northern part of China coveringeverything in a light dust. Day 1 Temperature High Low
73F 60F
Humidlity 88%

Barometric Pressure 29.95in

Wind Diection 17.3 mph from NNW

Current condiction light rain shower Day 2 Temperature High Low
73F 64F
Humidity 83%

Barometric Pressure 29.98in

Wind Direction 4.6 mph SSE

Current condiction Mostly cloudy Day 3 Temperature High Low
73f 63f

Humidity 64%

Pressure 30.02in

Wind direction 12.7 mph NNE

Current condiction Scattered Clouds

Day 4 Temperature High Low
69f 61f

Humidity 70%

Pressure 30.07in

Wind Direction 4.6mph NNE

Current Condiction Mostly Cloudy
Due to okinawa's tropical weather we
predict that the weather for the next 2 to 3
days is going to be mostly or little cloudy
with little or no rainshowers
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