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David Stabley

No description

Ashley Savisky

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of David Stabley

David Stabley Bloomsburg, PA About David So what are WE doing? Slab Building Abstract Houses Objectives Finish Workspace Background The Process Artists Who Inspire David Artist Quote: Surrealism Inspiration Cultural movement in the early 1920s where artists began depicting unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision. "I am interested in telling stories about dreams and fantasy and inviting the viewer to participate in my work." All of David's work is hand drawn in low relief.
Relief- 3D form in which the surface projects from the background. David lives and works in Bloomsburg, PA. He and his wife have a studio space in their home. His wife, Deb Fleck-Stabley also works in ceramics. David started out in printmaking before working in ceramics. David carves the low relief images into the clay when it is leather hard. After the clay is fired he paints with a wax patina and various acrylic paints. Sgraffito- carving into wet clay. Create an abstract house using the slab method.
The sides of the house should include imagery that represents you, things that interest you, personal dreams, or things that are important to your family.
The sides will be carved in low relief using the sgraffito method when the clay is leather hard.
The houses, once assembled and fired, will be painted. Marc Chagall Grant Wood Pablo Picasso Patina- Artists and metalworkers often deliberately add patinas as a part of the original design and decoration of art and furniture, or to simulate antiquity in newly-made objects.
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