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No description

Christine Franklin

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Moodle

-it is an open source learning platform

-customizable website filled with dynamic features that is accessible at all times

-easy and manageable

-interactive, engaging for both teacher and student
So why use MOODLE?

What is
Home / ▶ My courses / ▶ Misc / ▶ PASC
Breadcrumbs are used to mark your path in your Moodle Course
Links are used to move to other places in Moodle or outside of Moodle
These are inside links to Moodle
These are outside site links from Moodle
Moodle has various features:
1. Collaborative tools and activities:
2. Calendars:

Automatic alerts on notifications on assignments, deadlines, can send private messages
3. Notifications:
4. Tracking Progress:
Can track individual progress of students
EX: when an assignment has been completed on line, when a forum has been answered on-line, when a test has been completed.

5. Multilingual Capability
-feature that allows students to learn in their own language
5. Detail Reporting and Logs
Generates reports on activity and participation
6. Multimedia Integration
allows you to insert media anywhere into a lesson
7. Group Management
Differentiate activities to share courses, and facilitate team work

8. Gradebook
So lets take a look into
Calendars can be used for students to see what activities are taking place, when assignments are due,
-Differentiated Instruction
-Can Customize
-Endless Tools
-All Online
-Can reach every learner
-Space is maintained by
-No one outside of the school district can access webspace.
-Tools can be reused every year
-All class information in one classroom
-students can access 24/7: assignments, quizzes, tests, writing assignments etc.
-Accessible for students who miss work
-Because all of your material
is uploaded on the internet, almost everything will have an instant feedback
More Importantly
Students can work independently, and interdependently.
Moodle is an Adjustable Environment
We engage learners to participate and collaborate with each other to be active in the learning process
9. Assignments
Why as a teacher should we use it?

How does it benefit a student?
10. Tests/Quizzes
Allows you to create tests and quizzes and allows students to take when you set a date along with how many attempts and can be timed. Gives instant feed back.
and see how it works
So Lets Take a look at why Moodle is beneficial
Are we interested in having
Do you have any questions?
Lets look at an example of a moodle course with activities in it
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