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I want to be a singer because i love to sing. Also My Model'

No description

Jaxcia Pickett

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of I want to be a singer because i love to sing. Also My Model'

My life
Picky eater

Yes, I am a picky eater, I don't like pizza, macaroni and cheese , hot dogs. My favorite foods are Chinese, Soul Food , I love fruit, I like Chicken , Stake covered in tomato sauce , Greens , Chitlins , Corn bread , Spaghetti, Pork chops, Bake Beans, and Vegs. , etc.
Things i like to do
I like to sing, rite poems, draw, do hair, get on the computer, Play fight, Play games, etc. I like to do these things because they keep me motivated. I also like to rite songs too. Because my main thing is to sing . Im a joker i don't show it at school but when i get around my family I have them laughing all the time.
More about my life
In my passed i had a nephew that died of the age of 6 months . His name is Ammarious De'Shawne Rice. Then a few months later i had a big brother of mine that died his age was 18. His name was Devin De'Wayne Kirk. My grandmother died when I was 3 . She told me to be good for my mother . I was the last person she said anything to. I miss them dear lee. This Presentation is about my life . ENJOY!
My singing life
I want to be a singer because i love to sing. Also My Model's are Mariah Carey, And Prince . They inspire me with their music. They both are talented Singer's & I enjoy their music . Mariah has more then one vocal . Prince has a high voice as well. They inspire me to follow my dream and become who i wanna be . One day i Hope that i will be able to meet both of them. That is one of my biggest Dreams.
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