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This is about all Shih-Tzu's. They are lovable family dogs. They are very playful too. I have a Shih-Tzu too he is 2! He's the cutest thing ever! Shih-Tzu means little lion. They are house and show dogs! Mines a house dog. :-) have fun reading!

Grace Rogers

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Shih-Tzu's

The exact origin of the Shih-Tzu is not known. But there are paintings and documents from the date of A.D. 624. During this the King Viqur gave the chinese court a pair of dogs. Said that they came from the Fu Lin. Another theory that when they came to china was in the mid-17Th centry. These dogs were brought from Tibet to the chinese court. They were bred in the forrbidden city of Peking.
Color's & Markings
There are many colors that Shih-Tzu's have. Some of the colors include black, white, blue, brindle, gold, live, red, and silver. My dog has brindle and white. There can be black markings, tan markings, black mask, and a white marking.
Shih-Tzu's were house pets for most of the ming dynasty.
Shih-Tzu's are called "The Chrysanthemum-Faced Dog."
Because of there round face that has hairs grow in front.
Shih-Tzu's means loin.
Shih-Tzu's (we think) were bred in court.
All About Shih-Tzu's
Shih-Tzu's Info.
Shih-Tzu dog's are very popular! Shih-Tzu's can weigh from 9-16 pounds. They stand between 8-11 at the shoulder. The Shih-Tzu's coat is very beautiful as long as you put time in to groom your Shih-Tzu. Shih-Tzus have the cutest face. Shih-Tzu fans love their little "Lion Dogs!"
Temperament & Training
Obviously they need to be groomed weekly. An occasional bath will be needed. Expecially after going outside. This is a wonderful bonding experience. There nails should be trimmed regulary. With a nail clipper or grinder. There ears should be checked regulary. They sould be cleaned too if there is yeast or debris. This will avoid infection. I know it sounds funny but there teeth should be cleaned too. Make sure to brush them every day to avoid matts.

By: Grace Rogers
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