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David Beckham

No description

Elle Catulie

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of David Beckham

Born May 2, 1975
Played Football regularly as a child
From the begining he knew he wanted to be a "footballer"
His family were supporters of Manchester United Early Life David Beckham Early Career Attended one of Bobby Charlston football schools in Manchesret
He won a chance to train at FC Barcelona
He played for Ridgeway Rovers as a child
Named best U-15 player in 1990 International Career Joined Manchester United in 1996
He played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Los Angeles Galaxy Coaching Career He tore his Achilles and Couldn't play in the FIFA World Cup in 2010
David worked as a mediator
Fame Beyond Football In 2007 he was paid $13.7 million to launch a fragrance
Most recognizable athlete in the world
Beckham has many video game modled after him

Charitable Work He supports UNICEF
Recently he pledged his support to Unite for Childern, Unite for AIDS
He is spokesman for Malaria No More Fun Facts David Beckham is a midfielder
David has 3 sons
Beckham was listed 15 most in fluential celebrity in 2007
David and his family live in Beverly Hills
Their good friend are Tom Cruis and Katie Holmes
He wears jersey is #23 for L.A.Galaxay Resoruse Log
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