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7th grade service learning project

No description

Aisha Daley

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of 7th grade service learning project

7th Grade Service Learning
Project What is Service Learning? Relections Service learning is a form of project based learning in which academic goals are accomplished through community service. Service learning is neither an add-on nor a diversion from the curriculum. It is a powerful approach to teaching that provides kids with authentic learning experiences in which they learn academic content in real-life, real-world context. Properly implemented, service learning develops citizenship, responsibility, and many other positive character virtues, making it a highly effective character education program in and itself. Shopping On the morning of December 12th, the wrapping team came together to wrap the presents. Each family was given a number so that as we wrapped presents we knew which family the belonged to. With the help from some of the parents, (Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Yuan and Mrs. Hunt) the wrappers worked efficiently and carefully and wrapped about 150 presents that morning for the families in Glen Cove, so they may enjoy their Christmas. Wrapping On December 19th, the delivery team went to Finley Middle School in Glen Cove to deliver the presents. When we arrived, we met with the eighth grade student council and their teachers. We had lunch with them and we talked about the different things that we liked. As it was time for us to leave the students and their teachers were very grateful for all that we have done. Delivery We would like to thank everyone that helped contribute to this
project. This includes parents, the students and faculty who bought raffle tickets and candy canes. With out your help we would not have been able to do any of this, which was help 31 individuals (8 families) have a happy Christmas. We are so incredibly grateful for your support and the families we helped are even more grateful. On a Wednesday morning we went on a shopping trip to Target. We paired up and got assigned to buy presents for families from their wish list. Some of the wish lists included, clothes, an iPod, a basketball, body lotion, perfume, toys for babies, a laptop and other electronics. There were some things we would not be able to find at Target, so Ms. Zergebel, Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Johnson helped find at other stores. Sales The sales group worked very hard to sell their baskets and candy canes that were put together by the 7th grade homerooms. The Baskets were a local sports baskets, a Spa and Beauty, a Candy Basket, a Technology Basket, an Arts and Crafts Basket and a Mystery Basket. The sales team were assigned days and stations around campus. We were very excited to sell our baskets and candy canes because we knew it was for a good cause and for the enjoyment of watching the other kids go crazy for the baskets and candy canes we were selling. Sales Team Harriet Jones
Katie Russo
Amelia Lewis
Lila Bertsch
Margaret Collett
Rachel Smithie Max Demarco
Alexandra Purdy
Sharmeen Khan
Jamison Ellinger
Jack Niven
Deke Kemper
Cache Minott Basket sales -$2,587
Candy Cane sales - $1,029
Total- $3,616 Positions: Public Relations
Gift Wrapping
Delivering Mission: Fulfill multiple family wish lists during the holiday season
Goal: Raise money to purchase individual gifts for the holiday.
Fundraisers: Basket and Candy Cane Sales Shoppers Shoppers Sharmeen Khan
Avery Weissman
Isabella Perna
Alex Papalcure
Olivia Brokaw
Meredith Heaney
Georgina Davis " I had a lot of fun during this project. It made me feel the joy of giving. When I sold the candy canes to the little ones I saw their eyes light up. I also knew that the money made from this project would help contribute to helping family have a happy Christmas. It made me feel good inside."
Max Advertising As our service learning project got underway. The Advertising
group began preparing by placing signs around campus and sending information to teachers to send home with the students. Delivery Julian Buchen
Cache Minott
Peter Macchiarulo
George Holiat
Harry Hunt
Bailey Hughes
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