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Business Plan Prezi

No description

Alyssa Schotten

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan Prezi

Mission Statement
With the ever changing addition to technology, consumers want more.

Companies are constantly trying to supply new technology to match this ever increasing demand

Our product will match these top innovations and challenge the way we envision new age products

Targeting media lovers and top hit enthusiasts
Musical accessory industry

More than 2 million headphones/ earbuds are shipped into the us yearly netting about $3.8 million

The average price of headphones is anywhere from $15-$35

Typically a pair only lasts for 2 months with extensive care
Risks and Rewards
Too much time or money

Constant technological upgrading to keep up with the industry

Costs of earphones will drop but with the increased technology the amount demanded will rise

More money will be spent on upgrading on earbuds other than replacing them

The Team
We have created a fully customizable earbud to fit exactly what style you need or to replace your own broken parts in your own home

Customization options including;
-Earbuds for scaling bud size
-Cable type
-Quality of sound
Created by:
Alyssa Schotten
Chase Roy-Bush
Ezra Luna
Jordan Lopez
Our Team has some tech savvy people and those who are great with conversing.

: Co-ownership of the company involvement in technological field
: Added tech help extensive knowledge in intricate graphical designs because of artistic background
: Tester and technologically involved in the design of each bud
: Media outreach who has experience in marketing and advocating product through promotions and communications

The age group that our product is aimed towards :Teens and college students and music professionals

Our buyers will have total and absolute customization of earbuds and a one year guarantee warranty

Customers will have the ability to buy an additional set of spare parts

Allowing wide variety of style change and color schemes that fit your taste

Easy assembly and disassembly including small repair kit for on the go

New shapes and styles will be available in daily on our website
Additional Info
Aim towards teens who are avid music listeners

Available in nearby stores and markets

In addition to custom ordering from the online shop or form fill out in stores
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