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Math Properties Foldable

No description

Emily Jaffa

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Math Properties Foldable

Math 7 Making the Properties Foldable! 1. Lay it horizontally
2. Fold it in half horiztonally Start with a piece of paper 3. Fold horizontally so the ends meet the middle Unfold 4. Fold vertically in half
5. Unfold Do not unfold With the top half... 6. Fold the top half in thirds
7. Unfold 8. Fold the bottom half in half
9. Unfold With the bottom half... Cut along the folds to create doors Cut! Fill it in! Top Left! Commutative Property of Addition Changing the order of the addends does not change the sum Examples:
3+4=4+3 Top Right! Commutative property of Multiplication Changing the order of the factors does not change the product Examples:
(3)4=4(3) Next Down, Left Associative Property of Addition Regrouping the addends does not change the sum Examples:
1+(2+3)=(1+2)+3 Next Down, Right Associative Property of Multiplication Regrouping the factors does not change the product Examples:
a(b x c)=(a x b)c Next Down Left Additive Identity When zero is added to a number, the sum is that number. Examples:
3+0=3 Next Down, Right Multiplicative Identity The product of any number and 1 is that number Examples:
a x 1=a
5 x 1=5 Next Down, Left Additive Inverse The sum of a number and it's additive inverse (it's negative!) is zero Examples:
2+(-2)=0 To the Right.... Multiplicative Inverse The product of a number and it's multiplicative inverse (it's reciprocal!) is 1 Examples:
2(1/2)=1 And Down... Distributive Property The product of a number and the sum (or difference) of two other numbers equals the sum (or difference) of the products of the number and each other number Examples:
2(1+3)=2(1)+2(3) The last one!!! Multiplicative Property of Zero The product of any number and zero is zero Examples:
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