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Halloween Creative Writing Story

No description

James White

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of Halloween Creative Writing Story

Creative Writing
Your spooky story must be arranged into sections (5 paragraphs)
You must use at least 3 different BIG WORDS
The purpose of your story is to scare the reader using classic strategies:
suspense, creepy details, imagery, and some link to the reader's setting.
Your best weapons are your words!
Choose your diction well!

Good luck!
Part 1: Pre-writing
Select your setting
Select your main characters and your secondary characters
Select your antagonist (main bad guy!)...animal, paranormal, creature...
Know the basic plot outline
"Begin with the end in mind!"
Paragraph 1: Begin With the End in Mind...
Your story must begin with a dead body...YOUR dead body (well, maybe not your dead body, but the main character's, the protagonists, dead body)
Paragraph 1 sets the scene for the climax of the story (most exciting part!): Where is it? What is the setting? Weather?
How did the death happen? Weapon?
There are 3 main characters present during your introduction: The dead main character, the killer, and one other witness!
Don't give all the details away, but make it a mystery as to why it happened, or who did it...you can describe the person, but maybe don't tell us who it is!
Paragraph 2: The Flashback
Go back in time to a happy place, a happy time, and introduce your main character, a different setting, and some basic details.
End this paragraph with a strange detail that is going to end up important to the reason the death happens.
For example, the killer (who is not known as the killer yet) might do something strange/dangerous or might act in a way that makes us wonder what's going on!
Paragraph 3: First Bad Things to Happen!
Begin this paragraph with some mysterious bad act, or scary detail...BUT NOT the big death!
For example, a dead animal, a mysterious fire, or an unexplained message on the wall...
Make it scary to the main character, make it related to your reader's situation...
Build suspense by having characters move through a setting in the dark, outside, in the forest, a spooky dark alley, etc.
BE DESCRIPTIVE and use the 5 senses! (what would the character see, smell, feel, touch, taste)
Paragraph 4: Things Go From Bad to Worse!
Many more scary events happen!
We figure out who the evil bad guy is
We figure out who the next victim is...the main character!
We learn about the evilness of the antagonist, and the vulnerability of the protagonist (main character)
Tell us about HOW the bad guy goes bad, and WHY he's/she's out to get the main character!
Paragraph 5: The Climax and Back to the Beginning!
This is the big battle, or the big suspenseful ending!
Describe all the details of the setting, the emotion of the characters, the evilness of the bad guy!
The antagonist (bad guy) meets the protagonist (the main character).
Make it look like the good guy is going to win/escape
End the story how it began...with the scene in the introduction, and the main character's death! You don't have to be gory to be horror, scary, suspenseful.
Now what? Does the bad guy disappear, slink away in the shadows, stalk another victim, come for another...
Could your story have a sequel?
write a scary story
use some clauses and some big words
be desriptive!

Have FUN with what you write, and enjoy trying to scare your friends and your teacher!
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