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The Mystery of Roanoke

No description

Carly Stengel

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of The Mystery of Roanoke

Still Unknown
For years, scientists have studied the colony but still no answers have been found. There's evidence of forts and maps, but nothing that shouts,"I'm the answer!" All we know is that Roanoke is a true mystery and so is everything along with it.
The Settlement
In 1585 John White, an English explorer, landed in Roanoke to map out the island. In 1587 he returned to Roanoke with 116 colonists. He left for England in 1588 for supplies, but couldn't return until 1590 because a war had broken out. Unfortunately, when White returned, not one man was left.
Why White Couldn't Return
"Why did they 'vanish'?" you may ask. Well, when John White returned from England, all of his people were gone. It's like they vanished. There was a fence post with the word "CROATOAN" carved on it. There was also a tree branch with "CRO" carved on it. Although there was not a cross on the tree (see slide six). No one to this day knows what happened. It's all a big mystery! Do you know what had happened to them?
Rumors and Theories
The Mystery of Roanoke
White's Instructions
The Search
Helpful Links
Our Theories
Cortney's Theory!
Carly's Theory
Raine's Theory
I believe that the Croatoan indians forced the colonists to join their tribe or face death. One man tried to stand up for them but was killed. While preparing to join, the Croatoan people told the colonists to carve CRO onto a tree and CROATOAN onto a post. They then made crosses to resemble death and took apart their houses. The storm that caused the delay in the search was just pure luck for the Croatoan tribe.
I believe that the Roanoke people tried to go home to England where John White (their leader) was, but they got lost at sea and their ship sunk. Then the Croatoan people came and carved their name for their land, but they went off to search for food and died.
I believe that the croatoans killed
the Roanoke people and got rid of the bodies. Also, they carved cro on a tree and croatoan on a post.
Like real scientists, we decided to make our own theories. Each person's theory is different. An identical set of twins could think the exact opposite about the other. Although some of the theories turn into rumors, Roanoke is a true mystery.
Scientists have been studying Roanoke for years. Many scientists agree yet many disagree. Some of the most popular theories are: they simply left the colony, the whole population died of various and unknown diseases, a severe storm destroyed the settlement and people, the people of Roanoke were struggling so they decided to live with the Natives, or the Natives killed them. Although their only clues was the word CRO carved into a tree and the word CROATOAN carved int a fence post.
When White returned, he sent out a search party to look for his people. They couldn't find them, though. People from England think they went to the Hatteras Islands.
When White went to England, he came in the middle of the Spaniards War. It lasted two whole years! He couldn't come back with supplies because all of the ships were in use for the battle. After it ended, he finally returned, but his people were gone!
Before White left, he gave some very specific instructions. He chose 15 men to take charge while he was away. He told the men to carve a cross onto a tree if there was any trouble when he was gone. The instant White left, the colonists were in danger.
Queen Elisabeth
John White
Thank You!!!
We hope you enjoyed our presentation!!!
Created By:
Carly S.
Raine H.
Cortney B.
Roanoke Today
Thank you for watching!
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