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Let's Make Games

No description

Nick Lowe

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Let's Make Games

Let's Make Games A whirlwind tour
for the uninitiated What are games? Content + Interactivity = Interactive Media Interactive Media + Mechanics = Gameplay Media, Content Interactivity Mechanics Examples Paper, 4 lines Draw shapes Take turns drawing alternate shapes
3-in-a-row means you win! Example (choose your own adventure books) Make choices and to direct the story Turn to a page Mechanics Interactivity Book, written story Media, Content Example (noughts and crosses) Interactivity Media, Content Mechanics What games will you make? Digital video and audio? Documentary? Educational?
Animation? Touchscreen devices
Mouse, keyboard
web forms ? This is where game design
comes into play Why games? Audience Participants Engagement Dialogue Investment authors participants Videogames Who makes games? Who plays games? Producers Artists Programmers QA Testers Concept artist Animator Technical Artist 3D modeller AI programmer Gameplay programmer Tools programmer Creative Director Designers Level Designer Systems Designer Writers User Interface designer Development Process
Industry Events Local Industry Game Developers' Conference GCAP TGS GDC Tokyo Game Show Game Connect Asia Pacific Freeplay Let's Make Games Events People Nick Lowe Minh Tran Anthony Sweet Richard Kong Ben Hammersley Chris McCormick Q1: Social event
Q2: Pitching workshop
Q3: Showcase
Q4: End-of-year party Gamejam Tech talks Mixer And a forest view for
those who work on trees.

;) Collaborative storytelling Design the game Play the game Universal story Personal story The average gamer... ... is 34 years old ... spends 8 hours a week gaming 40% of all gamers are female 186.4 million game consoles worldwide 212.6 million handheld game devices 160 million Apple devices The commercial games market is ... The social games market is breaking down barriers 56 million people play games on facebook daily 55% of social gamers female The average age of a social gamer is 43 years old The indie games market is booming Minecraft has sold 1.5 million copies Mystery Case Files
franchise has sold 25 million Fruit Ninja (developed by Halfbrick in Brisbane)
has surpassed 20 million total downloads HUGE!
Panelists Matt Comi
(Big Bucket Software) Saxon Druce
(Binary Space) Andrew Hawkins
(DrewFX, TAFE) Cameron Royal
(Sandbox Software) Christel-lee Wittber
(Different Methods) When we talk about games,
we normally mean... Or at least games that are
technology enabled... ... that's where it's at!
Thank you For attending!

Let's Make Games Prototyping Development Alpha Beta Release Global games companies Sony Microsoft Nintendo Apple EA (Electronic Arts) Ubisoft Namco Bandai Games Square Enix Sega Sammy Activision Blizzard Take Two THQ Konami Capcom Nexon Disney Interactive Studios Valve Warner Bros. Interactive Zynga Atlus ZeniMax Locally developed games 25 teams linked to from our website 28 games profiled on our website The first Australian city to participate in Global Game Jam! Website Mailing list Forums Industry Directory Games Directory Blog Resources Feed Aggregator (Planet PIGMI) estimate more than three times that many released estimate over 200 people making games in WA Create themes and narrative in the
game content and mechanics Create environments and situations
that communicate concepts to participants Writing a universal story
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