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No description

Lidia Ricciuti

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of THE EGYPTIAN SOUVENIR for 5th FORM - CNC

Sally doesn't know how to solve the case. She is worried.
She can't ask her best friend, neither her brother Stephen. She writes everything that has happened to understand...
A difficult case
March 18th
After the PE class the Head teacher called Sally to his office because she had shouted in the museum. Fortunately she wasn't punished.

That night Sally's dad scolded her for the mess in his desk. She tells him that she didn't do it but he doesn't believe her. Sally gets really sad.
A Visit to the Egyptian museum
March 11th

Sally went to Egyptian museum with her class and the history teacher. In the pharaoh room, Sally saw many beautiful things, among them a beetle made of black stone. In that moment, Sally shouted that she has one too, in her father's desk, but her beetle has a lump over an eye that shines in the dark.
5th Form
In the headteacher's office and later at home
March 12th
March 13th
The head teacher introduces Miss Robertson, the supply teacher because Mr. Sanderson is ill.

Miss Robertson asks if the students have any egyptian objects at home, Thomas has a papyrus, Anna a botlle full of desert sand, and Sally's got a beetle. Miss Robertson asks them to take those object to school.
The black limousine
Sally goes back home, and in foant of it, there is a limousine parked with people inside.
(Sally thinks that is really strange...)
The beetle with the lump
March 14th
Sally took her beetle to the school she saw more beetles but none like hers.
The miss Robertson asks the children to put the objects inside the lockers for the next class.
The woman
In the afternoon Sally was in her bike and saw the limousine again. She decides to follow it .The limousine stopped and an elegant woman got out of the car, she was like someone that Sally knows. The lady went to a supermarket ,came out and got into the limousine. Sally was chased it but she could not reach it.
Where is my beetle?
March 15th
Sally checked in her locker and her beetle was not there. She complained to the teacher but the teacher laughed and she said that she hasn't seen any beetle with a lump Sally knos her teacher was lying because the previous class she was lookingat the beetle very carefully
I'm going to be Sally "Holmes"
March 15th - Evening
Sally can't sleep. She is thinking about her beetle, and Miss Robertson lying. Sally decided to become a detective and solve the mistery so she prepares a list of things for her investigation.
The investigation begins
March 16th
Sally put her disguise on and went to look for the limousine. She finally found it in front of the Majestic Hotel. When the limousine drove away she followed it. After picking a big box at a hardware shop and stopping at a supermarket, the limousine stopped outside Mr Sanderson's house. Sally noticed this and she preferred to go back home.
6:30 pm
Sally was ready to solve the mystery but she was afraid, so she asked her brother to go with her.
8:45 pm
Sally and Stephen went to Mr Sanderson's house, the limousine wasn't there. They climbed a tree to look inside the house and they saw Mr Sanderson tied to a chair with a handkerchief in his mouth.
They were shocked and Sally's brother called the fire brigade.
The Rescue 9:05 pm
Sally and Stephen hid behind a car. After some minutes the fire engine arrived so Sally and her brother went towards it to tell the story to the fire chief. The firemen broke into the house and rescued Mr Sanderson then take him to the hospital.
Sally and Stephen came back home and decided no to tell anything to their parents.
March 17th
Sally's parents were very angry because they saw in the newspaper the news about Stephen's actions in helping to rescue the teacher. Sally was angry too, because she was the one who discovered the mistery, not Stephen!
March 18th
At school Stephen was a hero but Sally was upset because she was the one who found Mr Sanderson. She had an idea, The Papyrus! Her beetle was the key to the mystery.
Sally really wanted to solve the mystery so she decides to ask her mom for. She waited for her in the garden.

The Key
Sally's mom was going to help her. They went to the Majestic Hotel and they went into the criminals' room to find some clues. Sally went to wash her hands and found that the beetle with the lump was in the pipe. Sally and her mom used some tools to get the beetle out after this Sally recovered her beetle and then they went back home and her mom went to the police station.
Now I'm a heroine
March 19th
Sally's mom showed her an article in the newspaper that says Sally is a heroine because the beetle was a key to a room that opens a door of an ancient pyramid.
The letter
March 20th
The Wilkinson family got a letter from Cairo: An invitation to spend two weeks in Egypt to thank Sally for discovering the key to another part of Egypt's history.
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