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Ninja Nurse

The story about a former martial arts world champion now nurse peforming an act of good citizenship.

Aidan Butterfield

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Ninja Nurse

By Aidan Butterfield Ninja Nurse It was a gloomy night down at Terrigal. It was 9:30 and Sue was feeling fatigued after a long day of work. Sue had just finished her shift that had gone over time. It was her favorite night of the week, family movie night, where she and her husband and little girl would sit down and watch whatever movie they wanted to, together, and she was going to miss it. Sue hated not having time with her family. It was the main reason why she quit her passion, Martial Arts. Sue walked into the Terrigal Restaurant, a restaurant she has been to before, and quite liked it. She wasn't going to be able to get dinner at home, so she decided just to eat out for the night. It was a beautiful view over the gleaming gold sand and crystal blue water, Sue was giving herself a treat after a long day at work. She noticed a man walking into the
restaurant. He was looking a bit uneasy,
and Sue felt that something was up,
but she thought the tiredness had
just gotten to her a bit, so she let
him be. She was next to a group of people
talking and having a good time out,
and she recognized a man on that
table who she went to school with.
His name was Nick. THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN. Everyone ducked down under their tables, screams going off, and I rushed under mine. 'GIVE ME THE MONEY!' the man erupted. The man whips out a pistol, shooting
Nick in the shoulder, sending him to the ground. Sue was in shock, but she knew she needed to do something, because no-one else was going to. She needed to compose
herself and think of ways to stop him. The man who she went to school with was clutching his shoulder on the ground. Nick was screaming in agony from his wound. 'What are you doing?!' screamed the crazed gunman. 'Get down or I'll shoot you aswell'. 'Look lady, don't come any closer or things will get ugly, do you understand me'. 'What do you think you are doing?'
replied Sue. 'Why are you doing this?'. Sue stood about 5 feet away from the
gunman, and with her martial arts
skills, she could take him out. As the man cringed on the ground, he dropped his gun, and Sue moved forward taking the gun and throwing it out of the way, she punched the man in the face, knocking him out completely. She went down on the ground, and
lunged forward, taking out his legs
with a bone crushing kick. She immediately called 000
and the ambulance was on the way.
She then went to treat the injured man. THE NEXT DAY. Sue was seated on her couch, with her
husband and girl, watching the early
morning news with their breakfast, when
a story about her act came on. 'Former Martial Arts World Champion Sue Parker has displayed an act of courage and herorics last night at Terrigal Restaurant, taking down an armed
gunman, saving the lives of every occupant in the restaurant, most importantly, the wounded man, Nick Cole. She will be rewarded with a medal by the Mayor of Terrigal later this week.' 'She has now entered into the running for the Australian of The Year award.' THE END. Sue came up from under the table, to the amazement of the gunman. 'Are you still with me?' Sue asked.
'Yes, yes I am', the man replied.'What
is your name?' Sue asked. 'Nick Cole'
he replied. 'The ambulance will be with us in
about 5 minutes, just stay with me ok?',
Sue exclaimed. Sue was trying to act calm
but deep down she was shaken up. Sue was trying to act intimidating, but deep down inside, she was really scared. Sue could of just let the terror occur, but she
decided to do something about it, and not
let the gunman take the money and cause trouble. This showed an act of valiance and good citizenship. Sue wanted to see if he didn't have any brain damage from the fall. She already knew his name. (sound-file) (soundfile) (soundfile) Sue was scared but she knew she had to do something.
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