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Copy of Explicit vs Implicit

No description

kc potter

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Explicit vs Implicit

Implicit vs Explicit
Explicit- The Tip of the Iceberg
Is literal
Is very clear and complete
Leaves no doubt about the meaning
Compare and Contrast
Implicit- Beneath the Surface
Is inferred
Is understood even if it is not directly stated
Explicit: What does Shrek SAY about ogres?
Implicit: What does Shrek IMPLY about ogres?
Surface level Reading
Reading Between the lines
Wheaties: The Breakfast of champions
If you eat Wheaties you will be a champion
Songs use this "layering" approach often
For example:
Advertisements do this also!
Let's try figuring out the explicit and implicit information
in the next two commercials.
Explicit: Death and the man apologize to one another for
spoiling each others' plans
Implicit: If you drive a Mercedes, you will cheat death
Explicit: Swiffer is a good mop
Implicit: If you buy this mop, you will
have time for activities.
Finally, we are going to listen to a short story.
While listening, determine if the statements on your handout are explicitly stated in the text or if they are implied
Explicit Statements
Implicit Statements
The narrator’s name is Esperanza.
Esperanza’s name means hope.
She inherited her name from her grandmother.
Esperanza feels that both the Chinese and the Mexicans do not like their women strong.
Her grandmother got married when her great-grandfather threw a sack over her head and carried her off.
Her name reminds her of mud, a sad song, or the number nine.

The other kids at school pronounce the narrator’s name harshly and unattractively.
The narrator thinks her sister is luckier than she is because she has a cute nickname.
The narrator’s great-grandmother probably had a sad life because she was a free spirited woman whose freedom was taken away from he.
The narrator wants to live a life where she is free to fulfill her dreams.
The narrator feels that her name does not represent the person inside of her.
The narrator does not want to live a life like her grandmother.
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