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"Strong Men, Riding Horses"

Poetry Project

The Four Stooges None ya business

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of "Strong Men, Riding Horses"

"Strong Men, Riding Horses"
By: Gwendolyn Brooks Mohammed Haq,
Juliann Zhu,
Jenna Trosien Strong Men, riding horses. In the West
On a range five hundred miles. A Thousand. Reaching
From dawn to sunset. Rested blue to orange.
From hope to crying. Except that Strong Men are
Desert-eyed, except that Strong Men are
Pasted to stars already. Title:
"Strong Men,Riding Horses"
Riding Horses= They like the outdoors.
Together= Cowboys and ranching What does the Title make you think of? Take a minute and analyze Have their cars
Beneath them. Rentless, too. Too broad of chest
To shrink when the Rough Man hails. Too flailing
To re-direct the Challenger, when the challenge
Nicks; slams; buttonholes. Too saddled.

I am not like that. I pay rent, am addled
By illegible landlords, run, if robbers call Take a minute por favor and analyze What mannerisms I present, employ,
Are camouflage, and what my mouths remark
To word-wall off that broadness of the dark
Is pitiful.
I am not brave at all. Take a moment and analyze What do you think the literal message of the poem is?
Don't worry no ones wrong! The speaker of the peom is a strong-Willed African American lady that is different from society, during the mid 1990's.
While all the strong men ride their horses she is the caboose that is left out of the norm. She lives in a house and has to worry about the urban life and she can't be like those brave men, and she feels that she belongs elsewhere.
Remorse What we thought!!! Central Message:
What do y'all think it is? What we thought:
Realizing ones individuality through their hopes and dreams Nice Job! Is the tone positive or negative? What we thought the tone of this poem is condescendingly reserved, in which the author portrays the character as a strong willed person with contradictions and self pity
Negative How does Author's literary devices create meaning/tone?
Take a guess!!! What we thought it meant:
The author's use of a flowingly descriptive syntax, depressing imagery, and reticent diction portrays the pitiful nature of the character; combining to form a solemn atmosphere to create the tone within the poem. After reading the poem, what do you think the title means?
Take a moment Title Re-Visited:
Strong Men= Rich people
Riding Horses: Showing superiority over others, with higher riches and wealth What was your favorite part!? Our best line:
"I am not like that, I pay rent, am addles
By illegible landlords, run, if robbers call"
(Brooks 11-12)

We liked this line because it feels like it turns into reality for the speaker. Although not literally written, giving the reader the idea that transitions to a different point of view. A Bit about the Author:
Gwendolyn Brooks is an African American women, who was born in Chicago around 1917.
(Keep this in mind throughout the poem!!!)
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