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Mexico MGMT Presentation

No description

Carson Heagen

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Mexico MGMT Presentation

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Carson Heagen
Mason Klein
David Kim
Andrew Mayer
Cristina Ortega
Cecilia Morales
Alexandra Englehorn

Traditions: Music & Art

Aztecs & Mayas
Cultural Nuances
Empowerment and employee engagement:
Made in 2 weeks in advance

Confirm 1 day before appointment

Start off slowly
Will not call back

Expect you to call back if important

Times don't hold much value

Cars can only be driven four days a week

Appearance is important

Address by last name

Most important meal of the day

Do not discuss business

Closed for Holidays

Long Weekends

Slow Work Pace
Political Unrest
Cultural Nuances

Business Practices
Leadership Approaches
Team Building
Employee Engagement
Conflict Management
Successful Business Practices
Political Unrest

Build personal relationships

Respect their system of hierarchy

Be flexible in time

Communicate effectively

Use appropriate behaviors

Wear proper attire
Successful Business Practices
 Too much eye contact

 Throwing documents onto table

 Using the "OK" hand gesture

 Standing with your hands on hips

 Keeping your hands in pockets

Things to Avoid
How to Protect Yourself

Keep a low personal profile
Never travel alone
Never use a taxi unless it is called ahead of time
Limit the amount of cash on hand
Never "give" your debit/credit card to clerk for a purchase
Organized Crime

U.S. citizens been victim to crimes such as:

Acts of Violence
Places/Things to Avoid

Rural and smaller cities
Stick to major tourist destinations when possible
Clothing bearing logos of US brands and/or team logos
Using public ATM's
Find an indoor ATM preferably at a secure hotel or place of business
Mexico is identified by using
Referent power.
Managers are Authoritarian.
According to the "Global Work Force Study", says that Mexico has the highest level of engagement with a 40 percent.

There are three things that most companies in Mexico want to give to their employees:
Fit their job requirements.
Improve the quality of their lives.
Employee engagement
Conflict Management
Traditionally autocratic.
Responsibility of leader.
Risk tolerance
Subjective approach
Decision Making
Intuitive, with broad consideration of context.
Consider the the best interest for the organization.

Problem Solving
Business Practices
Leadership Approaches
First name rarely used

Relationships are very important

Patience is important
Authoritative approach

Strong relationships
Team building is very difficult due to Mexico's hierarchical tradition
Avoid "vagueness"
Be clear when making "promises" vs "statements of probability"
Build Trust
Become familiar with cultural attitudes in business

Understanding culture is key to motivating Mexican Workers
Family is more important than career achievement and advancement
Difficulty separating work and personal issues
Used to the Authoritative management style
Local Cultural Effects on: Motivation
Local Cultural Effects on: Team Building
Local Customs to Consider

Gift giving etiquette

Dining etiquette

Major Holidays

The Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe

The Day of the Dead

Mexican Independence Day

Male Courteousness Towards Women
Work-Family conflict.
About Mexico
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