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Does owning a pet teach responsibility?

No description

ninfa constancio

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Does owning a pet teach responsibility?

Does owning a pet show responsibility?
Learning Stretch
Question & Thesis
Q: Does owning a pet teach responsibility?
T: Owning a pet does show responsibility not only to me but to everyone. Mainly with kids because children learn to understand they cant be selfish anymore and have to take care of another living being.

Interest in research
My main interest was to show people what a big responsibility it is to own a pet, mainly because some people don't think its that serious when wanting to own a pet. They end up either getting rid of it, abusing them, or even just letting it be another's responsibility.
Dealing with the life and death is one of the most difficult tasks in life and owning a pet prepares individuals to deal with the harsh emotional events in life.
Pets are a perfect way to teach your children about responsibilities. All children love to have a pet of their own, but to make them actually take care of that pet, feed it and cleanup after it can be difficult.
Writing Genre
I chose to write a traditional research paper because it helped me talk about and explain my topic more clearly.
Showing your pet affection can help benefit you in life as well, you will become a more nurturing and caring person. This is one of the main reasons why parents & teachers are also great pet owners!
"Children are naturally selfish. Having a pet helps them to look out for someone else, not just themselves"
The ownership to an adolescent will better their knowledge through their pets life cycle.
example 1:
article over owning a pet
Rex when i took him in as a baby.
Transition Slide
I researched on how to raise a dog properly and by that i took in Rex and cared for him.
How does owning a pet show responsibility

Ninfa Constancio
The teacher in this article tells me how having a class pet teaches the kids more about proper animal care.
Interest in product
I took in my dog Rex as a stray and took care him while building a strong-close relationship.
First steps:
I took in a stray baby dog my mom and i found wondering all alone. I had to feed it milk and take care of it as the mother would.
In the middle:
I raised and took care of him.
I made sure he was a healthy dog.
I took him to get all the shots he needed
Final results:
Not only do pets increase responsibility, time management skills and improve health but they also help us learn about life and death and they teach us about bonding and nurturing.
You cant have a pet without giving it a significant amount of your time. Meaning you will have to make room in your schedule for your little friend, this will put your time managing to a test.
I raised and watched him grow into a healthy dog.
It was a great experience growing a bond with Rex and learning to be responsible.
I learned a lot about being responsible and being a great pet owner for Rex.
Thank you so much for listening!

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