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Internet Research and College Writing

No description

Jason Cowan

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Internet Research and College Writing

ENGL 111:College Writing
Unit 2: Information Management

Internet Explorer

:standard on all campus computers
:will ask for passwords; 'esc' usually works
:Always use for

Mozilla Firefox
:many built in features, add-ons and extensions
:easy to manage bookmarks and history functions
:highly customizable
Google Chrome
:shockwave Flash Crashes
:no layout customization options
:faster, larger, and more secure (by reputation)

:very few updates compared to firefox
“It is very likely that our students’ brains
have physically changed– and are different from ours – as a result of how they grew up.”
Marc Prensky
Your Parents
Your Kids
Are digital natives experts at searching the web?
After a year long program aimed at information literacy most students continue to rely entirely on Google and "never questioned the reliability."
Vrije University
Even when high school students found a good source they did not recognize it and instead launched a new search. A high level of browising is carried on at the expense of thinking and learning.
Shu Hsien L. Chen
Students without access to librarians teaching Web Research Skills show up at college "beyond hope..." they have learned to "get by" with Google.
University College London
Not one of the students surveyed could "give an adequate conceptual definition of how Google returns results...the word 'magic' came up a lot."
Illinois ERIAL study
How do you begin your research?
How do you determine if a source is "good"?
Half of the high school students say the "rarely or never" check the date of an article
2/3 don't check the author

can't articulation how they know content is credible

don't know how to form effective search queries

don't check credibility or reliability of information

can't recognize poor results of searches

For Majority of Students, the truth is

in other words...
when it comes to using the internet...
but when it comes to


Internet Browsers are software applications for navigating, viewing, accessing, and organizing information on the world wide web
Unit Assignments
-Zero Draft
-12 Research Questions
-Article Close Reading Document

Wikipedia is about as good a source of accurate information as Britannica, the venerable standard-bearer of facts about the world around us, according to a study published in the journal Nature
"Tasty" AND "Messy"
Refine Your Search
167 million
623 million
563 million
129 million
70 million
127 million
19 million
Google Search
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