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The invention of the clock

Emma Willis

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Clocks

Clocks DISCOVERY OF CLOCKS Mechanical clocks were invented in the 13th century Emma Willis
5th hour The earliest method of telling the time of
day was the sundial. It was used in Ancient
Egypt and Iraq . The exact time
the clock was invented is unknown, but clocks
are so ancient, they are mentioned in the Old
Testament. A sundial keeps track of time by casting shadows
on a certain part of the clock. WHY THE CLOCK IS IMPORTANT Why Clocks Are Important Today, clocks are used everywhere. They have become some old the most iconic symbols of modern time. Like here, there is a big clock tower located in London called Big Ben. If it weren't for the invention of clocks, nobody would be able to tell how long it has been, or how to accurately tell what time it is. Like in this picture, the The Grand Central Terminal Clock is an icon for all people in New York, often called the most famous clock in New York. The ancient egyptians used clocks
to tell time and to time speeches
made in court. Ancient Egyptions also used
obelisks to cast a shadow. It was called
an Egyptian Shadow clock They were used in many cultures
to tell time One of the most important
clocks in ancient egyptian
daily life was the water clock.
One of the advantages
was that it could be used all day
under most circumstances, while
the sundial needed sunlight to
work. HOW CLOCKS ARE MADE Clocks are made of several gears
and other parts. Electronic alarm
clocks are used a lot today.
Without alarm clocks, it would be
very difficult for people to wake up
early in the morning to go to school
or work. 13th
century 1960- 1970 16th
century 2000 2013
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